Being a Celebrity, or Being Famous?

Fame and Popularity can have something in common, yet these two words could be two different entities. This article will show you some glimpse as to what is more preferable, is it fame or celebrity?

Is it possible to be famous, yet you are still having a normal life? Contrary to a common belief, not all famous people like publicity, many would even prefer not to have such. And, be free to bring their Ventless Portable Air Conditioner for relaxation.

It is not new if there are a lot of celebrities wanted to have some publicity (rather than some famous individuals),and because of this, their right to privacy has been forfeited. Therefore,  as a celebrity, you can never blame the paparazzi or the media, to keep on invading your privacy.

Then,  what is the difference between celebrity and fame?images  There are famous people, there are also celebrities, and at the same time there are famous celebrities. In any area or shape of life you can possibly achieve fame, such as in the area of Sports, medicine and also politics. Some example of famous people,  Steve Redgrave, Winston Churchill and Alexander Fleming; they are considered famous and influential in their particular fields, yet cannot be termed as a celebrity.

Being famous can be achieved while you are still alive, in some point, even though one died already, this person is still famous thereafter. Being famous is a long lasting thing, like the convenience you can get from the Best portable air conditioner.

When it comes with celebrity, it is a different matter, since it is connected to popularity. Someone who is popular is a celebrity (like winning in a reality show, and people voted for this person). The amount of time of being popular will depend on how they are promoted or on their publicity.

So, which one do you prefer?




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