Fame Versus Friendship

Fame and Friendship what are these? Are they inseparable, like the rice in the rice cookerMj4sT3SLor4?

Fame is what bestowed with the world those personalities that are exceptional, some believed it was a reward to the person’s endeavor. But, not all the exceptional have the fame, it is embraced by the very few. They are considered as handpicked, for many do strive, but just pass away.

Fame is also considered as a reward for excellent individuals, but like the previously mentioned, not all excellent have this prize. Therefore, the world has its inconsistent standards in awarding fame, it is fancy and wayward also. This will leave a mark to one’s life, even after death, either being hated or loved by the world. Yet, this is limited and its duration depends on the personality who is famous.

The tragedy of being famous is that it can will go unmerited, since both good and bad people can be considered famous. This is not just the basis of an improved life, and does not cover nakedness shelter of feed. And when you share it, it has no power to double your joy. Therefore, fame cannot be trusted.

On many levels, Friendship is absolutely different. This is a reward to the universal souls, in regards to one’s wealth, talents and excellence. This will not make you known, or make an icon for you. Yet, keeps your blood and flesh. This is not selective and not wayward, it is warm and is not demanding. This is eternal, since you will be remembered through the memories, it is food, clothes and shelter. And, it is  protection and life.


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