Marketing Strategy: Promoting Your Business at an Exhibition

As a new business it is essential to get your brand out in the market place. Especially since you are new in your industry, it tends to take a bit a longer for your business to take Business Contract Lawyers Near Me off. The main reason for this is that people don’t know who you are and what you represent. And this is also the reason why you should promote your business at an exhibition.

So you’re probably thinking, “but exhibiting is too expensive.” Well it does make a dent in your pocket at first, but this is an investment opportunity that you cannot pass by as a new enterprise. In my attempt as a marketing consultant to convince you why it is a good idea to include exhibiting in your marketing strategy, here are a few more reasons.

Face to Face Contact: your potential customers can see who you are, what you do and even build a relationship with you.

See the Product: if you sell a range products then your potential customers can view and touch the physical items at your stand.

Specific Audience: exhibitions are targeted at specific people, so if you are selling baby products only moms and dads will be there. You will get to speak directly to the decision maker.

Promotional Gifts: attendance at the exhibitions normally run in the thousands so this is a good opportunity to hand out free promotional pens or gifts with your company details on. If you don’t make the sale immediately at least that person will remember you and possibly buy from you later.

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Hand out your Brochures: Even if people don’t have a chance to stop at your stand, you can at least give passers by your brochure or leaflet for reference when they get home. Just remember to have valuable information on your marketing material.

Build a Database: collect the contact details from every person that stops at your stand. The exhibition Consulting Publication is a great place to build your contacts database for email marketing or SMS marketing.

Network: there are obviously other exhibitors also at the exhibition. Get to know your fellow exhibitors and exchange contact details. They could be a referral source.

There you have it, eight fantastic reasons to exhibit and display your business to thousands of people. To ensure that you have success at an exhibition, remember to be friendly and helpful, so that you can grab as many contacts as possible. I hope that I’ve made my point as a marketing consultant and that you will reconsider your decision to exhibit.