Are You An Outstanding Leader or A Wannabe?

Do you ever wonder what it takes to be an outstanding leader? I know; outstanding seems like a huge distinctive word to use. One of the definitions for outstanding on is; marked by superiority or distinction; excellent; distinguished.
Below are characteristics of an outstanding leader who works in excellence; differing from the wannabe’s:
1. Unique Model – I’ve loved watching pageants since I was a little girl. Especially because of the Latina women that serve as a beautiful example of how a unique woman should be. Not only because of their outer beauty but because of the example they serve when it comes to their communities, families and others. Serving others is how you find an outstanding leader from the inside out.
2. Creative – A creative person doesn’t just see within four walls. A creative person sees the bigger picture; the future. When you are around a creative person you sense that they are going on the right direction but they also take you along for the journey.
3. Communicator – When you find this characteristic in a person you have found a good leader. A communicator doesn’t always talk about themselves but they impart Consulting Job Titles Hierarchy knowledge in a way that engages you in the conversation. When you have finished listening to a good communicator, you are left wanting to exchange more conversation.
4. Integrity – Trust is a hard characteristic but it can be found in a person. A leader with integrity is responsible for their actions, honest on their word and behaves in an ethical manner.
5. Composed – Watching a person under pressure is the best way to know an outstanding leader. Nothing moves a composed person, especially under high demands. How you respond to a situation is how you will become either an outstanding leader or a wannabe.
6. Encouraging – They say that you become your environment so if you are surrounded by people who only build on themselves than you will become a selfish pompous. But if you show that you appreciate others and like to build others than you are the type of leader to follow.
7. Professional – Professionalism not only pertains in the power suits or high heels (under five inches please) but also in how you speak and how you act. A professional person Accenture Indonesia Review doesn’t go around cursing or talking bad about other people. When you find a professional person you have found a person who is respected in their job, home and everywhere they go.

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