Are You Totally Sure You Want to Be a Consultant – Okay, Then Let’s Talk

The What To Watch Out For With Financial Advisors field is getting crowded these days, for a couple of reasons; one, companies are downsizing, but often still need the expertise, and two, with so many experienced folks out of work, starting a small consulting business is a career option. Sure, that makes sense it is a viable option, that is if you do it right, but still the consulting business isn’t like other types of small businesses – not everyone readily values experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Yes, entrepreneurs and executives should, but often don’t.
Further, with the abundance of information online, many business owners feel they don’t need to “pay” someone to come in and assist them, this reality coupled with the reality that strong-willed and strong ego’ed entrepreneurs think they can do it all better themselves creates a challenge for modern day consultants. Lastly, a final challenge out here in the real world is that there are so many folks doing consulting, paid-mentoring, and coaching that the average quality of expertise has dwindled, thus giving the profession a bad name, and really what’s that joke at the proverbial cocktail party;
“So what kind of work do you do?” – “Oh, I am a consultant,” – “I see, so you’ve been laid off and out of work for a good number of months or years too?”
Now then, as a part-time consultant and a retired Franchisor running a Think Tank, I can tell you that I’ve met some true standouts, but also witnessed the deluge of folks entering the field. Just as during the height of the real estate bubble when everyone and their brother was a “mortgage broker” – today, there are far too many consultants who quite frankly don’t know what they are doing, and really do need some training, practice, and to hone their skill set. Perhaps, this is why I chose to write on this topic today, and explain all this to you.
Everyone has to start somewhere, not having the consulting experience, but clearly having the industry knowledge is merely a small challenge to overcome. First, a bit of know-how in the consulting sector is needed, and secondly, an honest look in your mirror – that perhaps like many of the corporate executives and entrepreneurs that you will be consulting, maybe it’s time to dump the ego, and listen, acquire these new skills, and focus on doing it right. Why not be your own consultant and develop a strategic plan for your new business, because consulting is a business, and it’s not like other businesses.
Indeed, I believe that you’d be wise to know what I know, and what I’ve learned the hard way to save yourself future frustration and hassle, but to do that unfortunately will take you 30-years One Page Business Agreement of experience for which I am quite certain you don’t have the time, thus, may I suggest that you study up on the topic before diving in, both for your sake and the sake of your clients.
Remember, a good part of my franchising experience was consulting, coaching, and mentoring our franchisees so they could win in the marketplace. I want you to win too in your consulting business, and that means those you do consult must improve their efficiencies, teams, and bottom line as well. It is imperative that you get this right, for yourself, and personal income and your clients too. Please consider some of this advice I’ve given you. I am humbled by the fact that you’ve come this far, and are now wanting to help others through your consulting business.

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