Ask Your Customers This Question If You Want to Grow Your Business

You probably gather a lot of information from your customers about their businesses and you probably record your findings carefully to help you to work out how to serve them better. You probably want to know the size of each customer’s business, how many staff they have, if they are looking to grow and so on.
Yet very few people gathering customer information log answers to a question that will help them to build strong business relationships, engender trust and support the development of collaborative working strategies. They don’t record the information because they don’t ask the right question.
Do you ask this question?
A really important question
One of the most important questions you can ask of a business, and one that will help to differentiate you from your competitors, is a very simple one.
It is: “What sort of business are you looking for?”
This question is so rarely asked that you might find you surprise your customers when you first ask it.
That’s a pity because this is a valuable question to ask. The answer will help you to understand your customer’s business aspirations and key objectives better. The answer will also be a lot more helpful to you than information about your customer’s business plan or marketing strategy – assuming he or she is prepared to reveal such details to you. That’s because the answer to this question gives an unambiguous and clear indication of where a business owner is taking his or her business. That’s the sort of information you need to know in order to make sure you target your marketing accurately.
Helping your customers
There’s a question hidden within this question, of course, and both parties understand it. It’s a question that focuses on helping the customer to succeed.
If you seek information about the sort of projects and assignments your own customers are looking for, you’ll be starting to position yourself as an adviser to the businesses you are hoping to sell to. You’ll be taking on a new role, when you ask this question. Implicitly, you’ll be offering to help to build your Consultancy Competency Framework customer’s business. Of course, you’ll need to take note of the information you receive, and then act on it. You’ll need to think about how you can match your customers to business opportunities you hear about, and when – and how – you can make introductions to help your customers achieve greater success.
What’s interesting is that if you ask this question, and ask it regularly, you’ll find that your customers are more willing to speak to you, more ready to listen to you and more likely to do business with you.
It’s no accident that expert business networkers position themselves as people who help others first and seek business for themselves How To Start A Dental Consulting Business second. In practice, of course, these successful business people understand that the two activities actually go hand in hand.
Add more value to your customers
In the coming months then, you can enhance your business prospects with your existing customers and with potential new customers without brochures, offers or any of the tactics you normally use to drive your sales. You can ask this most important question often and make sure you use the answers to add value to your customers by actively helping them to achieve their goals.
You’ll find that their success leads to your success and that looking after your customers’ interests is good for your business, too. That’s why this is probably the most important question of all to ask your customers, so try asking it next time you meet with a customer.

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