Avon Marketing: The Most Important Advice For A New Avon Consultant

Avon Marketing is often frustrating, especially a new Avon Representative. The promises of making a full-time income immediately or the illusion that selling Avon is easy set up new Avon Representatives for disappointment. Most new Avon Representatives expect immediate results, and while this is possible, it’s not always the case.

The truth is, Avon is a business that you get out what you put into it, but not always immediately. Sometimes it takes a while to build your reputation and earn loyal, repeat customers. If a light bulb just went off, it should have. I just gave you the secret to success in your Avon business. I will say it again, “loyal, repeat customers” is the key to success in your Avon business. So now that you know what the key to your success as an Avon Representative is, how do you get that key? The short answer is that it is different for everyone. The long answer? Well, it’s the most important advice that a new Avon Representative could get:

Don’t give up if you don’t bust out of the gate making a huge paycheck. Like any business, Avon takes To Be Cost Effective time to get a steady income. Success will come, but it will take a lot of work to get it going.

Take one step at the time. At first start slowly. Order enough catalogs to get your name out there, but don’t go in the hole by purchasing 1000 right Sample Consulting Agreement Pdf away. Purchase cheap business cards, not high-dollar business cards with fancy fonts and such. ( some great ones and you just pay shipping.)

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Put your “best foot forward”. First impressions can make or break you in a beauty-based business like Avon. Make your first impression a good one.

Love the products you sell. If you love Avon, customers will see that. Use it, wear it, give it for gifts, be a personal testimony.

Be honest. If there is a product you don’t love, be honest when asked. Don’t promote it, don’t suggest it. Do suggest a replacement. If you are asked about a product such as, the Avon kid’s colored bath soap, and you don’t like it you can suggest a better product. ” I can’t stand by that product, but the kids bubble bath is great. A little goes a long way, my kids love it!”

Avon is a great home based business for many women, and now some men. The flexible hours are one of the best perks for this business. It enables women a chance to contribute more to the household than a clean home and hot meals. You can help “bring home the bacon” now without sacrificing the time spent caring for your family.