Bad Management Hurts the Good Marketing

Apparently these 2 complementary departments should support one another to help the development of the company, but a sure thing that history taught us is that many times Management tripped on the Marketing’s department tail and caused many problems for a lot of small companies and corporations as well.
One good example of such a goof would be the US shipping company UPS. Back in 2003, the UPS Store hopes to introduce customers to its expanded services which include a myriad of things from document & brochure printing to office supplies, a $30 million campaign. All this happened as a result of the Mail Boxes Etx. buy off. At first it seemed like a good move for the UPS since Mail Boxes Etc. was a real hit those days which had only one focus: mailing. hey offered post boxes, shipping services and supplies. Of course, the most important part of that business was UPS packages and probably the reason the UPS company felt the need to buy the Mailboxes chain. Goal Setting For Consultants But while it makes sense for UPS to own Mailboxes Etc., it doesn’t make sense to change the name to the UPS Store. The problem, of course, is that consumers don’t think about going to a UPS Store to do anything except to ship something, but while it makes sense for UPS to own Mailboxes Etc., it doesn’t make sense to change the name to the UPS Store. More importantly there was no need to change the name. Mailboxes Etc. was perceived as authentic, original and the pioneer in the category. From a marketing point-of-view, Mailboxes Etc. would have been the perfect second brand for UPS. But obviously, management won the battle in the boardroom on this one.
Another example of bad decisions when it comes to management, was the similar buy out of Kinko’s chain stores by FedEX. FedEx bought Kinko’s mainly as a reaction to UPS buying Mailboxes Etc. FedEx feared losing drop locations and losing face against the competition. Because otherwise buying Kinko’s makes little sense from an operational standpoint for FedEx. The printing business is quite different from the air cargo business.
And changing the name from Kinko’s to FedEx Office makes absolutely no sense at all. FedEx stands for overnight packages what in the heck does that have to do with printing? Most people would never think to go to FedEx Consultingmag for help for signs, brochures, business cards, stationery or printing needs. People think hey we need to go to Kinko’s, oh yeah you know that place that used to be Kinko’s but they have the FedEx name on now.
Today, both UPS and FedEx stores are a mess with names that don’t make sense. and driven by ego and the belief that having your brand name in more places is better. Having your brand name on the same thing in more places is good. Having your brand name on different things in more places is not good.

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