Basics of Sun Tzu

The ‘Art of War’ written by Sun Tzu is regarded as one of the best books written on war strategies. Written during the period of Spring and Autumn (some suggest that it was written during the period of warring states) the book describes the Art of War of its time. Sun Tzu Art of War is one of its kind and even today its is considered as one of the most successful documentation of military strategies.
Sun Tzu Art of War was first translated in French 1772 and then to English in 1903 and time and again great leaders as Mao Zedong, Baron Antonie-Henri Jomini and General Douglas McArthur are known to draw inspiration from this book.
As the book written by Sun Tzu is the most comprehensive work on strategies, partnering and success, its validity is widely accepted and is largely taught in the leading business schools across the globe. It is widely in use for,
Business strategies
Leadership developments
Partnership and organizational success
And, project management and planning
Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ mainly deals with the objective of winning battles with minimum effort, minimum conflict, minimum losses and maximum operational efficiency, which are also the motto of modern corporates. In the book Sun Tzu has mentioned that best winning is to win without fighting which has become very important in leadership strategies.
In his book Sun Tzu is known to mention that,
‘if you know yourself and your Types Of Consulting Services enemy, you’d surely win’
‘if you know yourself but not your enemy, you may either win or lose ‘
‘if you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you would lose’
You can experience the validity of the aforementioned statements even in modern time. Therefore, the leading business schools have adopted the Sun Tzu’s book, which was written more than 2,500 years ago, for their leadership development program to train modern days’ leaders. It is still so useful that the ‘Art of War’ slips easily into the role of ‘art of strategy’ for modern businesses.
Sun Tzu was the great preacher of strategies. He has given emphasis on the importance of maintaining orderliness, without which no army can succeed in defeating its enemies. The same holds Omni Consulting Group true to corporates. That is why the Art of War for managers accepts the importance of studies of S.W.O.T or the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats analysis in a business.
The ‘Art of War’ is considered as one of the best books ever written on strategic management. That is why its importance in the study of business has actually increased instead of declining over time. The book has also dealt with the importance of situational leadership and strategic thinking.
Not only in the arena of warfare but the teaching of Sun Tzu is equally valid in the field of business. In his book he has described that strategic thinking is a acquired skill and can be acquired through leadership development and it is the able leadership consulting which is necessary for the business to survive its enemies.

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