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A great way to market yourself is to be known as an expert in what you do. It may not seem that easy to accomplish, but using our method of Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic, you could go from nothing to expert in 3-6 months. Here’s how it works.
We’ve been developing this strategy over the past ten years. Before I talk about what Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic is, I’m going to tell you what it is not. Targeted traffic is not the “shock and approach” tactic, which basically means you throw stuff out to the audience and see what sticks. Then you approach. That is not what we do.
For Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic, essentially you are finding all the different traffic sources (social media) that your target audience is using. For example, if your target audience is men and women with an income of half a million dollars and they’re above the age of 60, then you should focus on or , not MySpace.
The main idea of Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic is to find all the different sources you can. You want to leverage Google, so you will do some SEO and Pay Per Click. You Oman Finance Brokers will use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. YouTube is another great site to utilize because you can upload videos and create your own channel.
What ends up happening is you will have many different streams of traffic, all pulling people to your web site. Once you establish a presence on all these different outlets, you can start to see the benefits on Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic. For example, say your business is about helping people retire. Someone goes on Google and searches “retiring after 50″. Not only will you come up in the Pay Per Click results, but you will be in the Top 10. Maybe you YouTube channel also ranks, same with your Facebook profile. Basically, you will start controlling the space. When you control the space, you will be recognized as an expert.
Another reason why Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic is such an effective method, is because you are not putting all your eggs What Is A Consultant Salary in one basket. If one of the sides were to go down, out of business, etc, you would have a strong presence on many other sites.

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