Breastfeeding – The Benefits and Why To Persevere

Some women can, some can’t- but those who can breastfeed truly know its benefits. While it’s natural to breastfeed, it doesn’t always happen naturally for both mother and baby. If not too stressful, it’s worth persevering to make it work, as the benefits of breastfeeding are huge and far outweigh the aspects that aren’t always so great.
Some of the benefits included:
* Instant closeness to baby on birth when they take their first suckle.
Nothing is more beautiful than that first cuddle and then when your baby starts searching for the nipple.
*Breastfeeding helps the body recover after pregnancy and childbirth.
In particular, it assists in retraction of the uterus and stomach, thus in turn shrinking your belly. Oxytocin (the same hormone that made your It Consulting Services List uterus contract during labour) is released when the baby suckles on your nipple, causing your uterus to contract back to its normal size.
* Can assist in weight loss after birth.
Breastfeeding can assist in natural and gradual weight loss. Individuals are all different, but weight gain after birth, is most likely due to the consumption of too much food, or selecting food which is high in energy or kilojoules.
* Once the milk is properly ‘in’, generally your baby will be getting the right amount of milk, at just the right temperature. All with minimal preparation- no sterilizing, mixing or heating required.
This is one of the best benefits- it’s so easy. Breastfeeding can be done virtually anywhere and in a moment’s notice. So theoretically, you can even take newborn bush camping (ie no facilities provided).
* You can breastfeed with minimal fuss and even in the dark.
If your baby is hungry, its needs can be quickly addressed. When feeding in public, many people may like to wear a breastfeeding top or use a cover to make it simpler and more discreet. Breastfeeding at night is easy, as you only need baby and breast. Night feeds can be finished within minutes as they get older. They can be done sitting or lying in bed. In the early stages, when lying to feed, beware that it is likely that you fall asleep!
* The need for baby to feed ensures that you sit and How To Start A Software Consulting Company rest- even if only for a short amount of time.
Sitting or lying comfortably is important when feeding. It will assist in correct attachment and also help mother and baby enjoy the moment. Take the time to look at your baby, it’s a lovely time to bond.
There are a few not so great things too-
* The first time the milk really comes in. Breasts get full, quite sore and are prone to leak.
Quite a shock for first time mums. Have a breast pump handy or ease engorgement in a hot shower.
* Cracked nipples when first starting to feed.
Incorrect attachment is the main cause of this. Review attachment technique. Consult your health provider, your local breastfeeding consultant or contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association for advice.
* The chance of mastitis.
Mastitis is the inflammation of the breast caused by infection. It is characterised by the presence of sore, painful, red or hardened/ lumpy breasts, flu-like symptoms and a high temperature. Treatment includes continued breastfeeding, warmth applied to breast prior to feeding and breast massaging. Medical advice should be sought.
As you can see, breastfeeding has many great benefits for mother and baby to enjoy. While not always easy, persevere if you can.
This information is a guide only; please consult a medical professional or breastfeeding consultant for advice.

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