Business “Black Belt” Mastering the Basics

In martial arts, the definition of a Black Belt is “one who has mastered the basics.” That’s right-the basics. If you ever get the chance, watch a Black Belt in action. Their movements, grace, incredible timing and sense of awareness are amazing.
In life as in martial arts, looks can be deceiving. Muscle bulk, height nor age are indicators of which individual has earned such a rank. Anyone, with determination and commitment, can attain this level of success.
At this point in your career have you mastered the basics? The key to mastering anything is constant practice under the correct guidance. Improvements, no matter how slight, bring you one step at a time closer to your goal. In other words, it’s all about your attention to the small incremental details.
So are you constantly practicing your trade? There might not be an official belt or medal handed out when you reach a certain level of mastery in the business world. However, those individuals are celebrated with higher commissions, promotions or incredible opportunities for personal and career advancement.
The question is always asked, “So, how did you do it?” Those who aspire and have drive to succeed are constantly seeking something new to adopt in their repertoire of skills. And we are not disappointed a bit to learn that there is no magic bullet.
Individuals and organizations wishing not just to succeed but exceed must be mentally and physically agile. They must adopt the ability to change with greater speed and comprehension. Ultimately, they must execute with the precision of a Black Belt.
There are 5 fundamental principles through which you can begin the journey to earning your Black Belt in Business:
1. Balance: Balance is derived by proper footing. Without balance among faith, family, and work life, your foundation is slippery and meaningless. You fight a continuous battle How Can Employees Save Company Money that never goes away. Today’s companies which recognize the importance of autonomy, mastery and purpose, promote this “work/life balance” to employees to avoid burn-out.
2. Bend your knees: In martial arts, as in many sports, you hear this reminder a thousand times. You cannot be effective in business if you are rigid. Be flexible Salon Consulting Fees with your approach to new opportunities for improvement. It is often said, “Abandoned opportunities are never lost, they are simply pursued by the competition.’
3. Close mouth/tuck chin: Part of learning how to defend yourself involves learning how to fall properly to minimize damage. Closing your mouth and tucking your chin are the first steps to falling properly. Taking a shove or push in the business world requires this approach as well. To echo Stephen Covey, “Seek first to understand and then to be understood.”
4. Perfect Practice: Practice does not make perfect. “Perfect practice” makes perfect. Invest your time and research your trade. Identify and rid yourself of bad habits. Success is born out of day in and day out incremental improvements. This is where the importance of a mentor can play a valuable and vital role.
5. Look for an opening: In martial arts as in business you should constantly be looking for an opening. This opening may be a competitor’s weakness or an area where you can proactively create a need and provide a solution.
A large part of individuals begin schooling in martial arts to learn to fight and or defend. The majority never earn their Black Belt. Those who endure, discover something important. As the training progresses, they soon become aware of a stronger core calling; the molding of oneself into a better person with a deep appreciation for the dignity, honor, and humiliation of teaching others the basic skills of success. Imagine if corporate America practiced that same discipline! Are you up to the challenge to earn your Black Belt in Business?

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