Business Consulting – 2 Killer Strategies to Improve Your Closing Ratios

With every prospect the time will eventually come when you will need to work on closing the sale. One of the business numbers you need to know off of the top of your head is what your closing ratio is. Do you know yours?
If not, I would ask do you know how many leads you had last week, last month?
That’s what you need to learn and track first, now once that’s done then its time to look at your closing or conversion ratio. What are your numbers?
Ok, let’s assume you have the evidence that you need to improve your numbers; maybe you’re only closing 2 out of 10. Then use the following Strategy to change that.
Gift Certificates, Coupons, Legal Advice For Business Start Ups Samples, and Vouchers
We all know about the free giveaway; however there are many other ways to use this strategy. And they are known by many names such as those listed above, now there really isn’t any real difference between them. There just known by different names.
o Start by going to 10 different businesses and get each one to offer you a certificate for you to give away. For an example, go to an accountant and get a certificate for a $200 free consultation. Do the same with the other 9 businesses.
o Another way to use these would be to offer the business owner a percentage of all the income earned from any client you get using their sample. In essence you’re offering the coupon provider a long term commission in trade for their sample.
Now as you can see these are just a couple of ways you could utilize coupons, samples, gift certificates, Consultation Skills Definition and vouchers. Just remember there all the same there just known by different names.

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