Can You Find Your Niche?

In American society, most people go to college in order to earn a degree in something that they hope will transpire into a profitable career. Still, others aren’t quite as focused on the monetary aspect of finding a career so much as they are focused on finding a job that they love.
The vast majority of people in the working world cannot stand the jobs that they do. They trudge to work every day, dreading to find out what new work will be assigned to them as well as what work they have already done that will be kicked back to them to re-do again. So, then what keeps these people going in their jobs? Well, for starters, job security is Jobs Where You Can Work Independently an extremely high priority on the list. For example, in this day and age when the economy is in the middle of a recession, people are losing their jobs left and right. And as unemployment is creeping past ten percent, many are doubtful that they will be able to find another job, let alone a career that will hire them in the current state of the economy.
Knowing what you want to do for a living is great-especially if you figure it out when you are younger and can start working towards it. However, while you may know that you want to fulfill a particular career dream, you must also be realistic. For instance, in today’s economic climate, if you were preparing to go to college and had always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, perhaps it would be wise to double major in something else as a backup. After all, there is no guarantee that when you graduate college that you will be able to find a job in the fashion industry. Think about double majoring in something else such as accounting or mechanical engineering- something that will increase your chances of being hired once you graduate. Additionally, when you think in terms of career, also be thinking in terms of monetary compensation.
You should never have to (or want to) rely on anyone else to help you pay your way because you are unemployed or because you were too lazy to get a job. Rather, you should always be two steps ahead of the game, always thinking of what you can do next to improve yourself and improve your career eligibility. If you are involved in the business sector and are interested in finding out ways to start your own business, then talk to people within that industry. Perhaps there is a particular business that you can learn the ropes of and one day manage such as an auto repair shop, dry cleaners or supermarket.
You should also consider social networking within your niche. As soon as you are of age to begin working, you should try to get an internship with various people, companies and/or other businesses. First-hand Consulting Process Flow experience will always supercede anything else because it lets you know how the working world is going to be for that particular niche; and the more you know now, the better off you will be.

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