Can You Hear The Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth?

Have you ever wonder why people won’t listen to you? Why your clients are no longer your clients? Maybe it’s because you’re talking too much; just saying. Sometimes you just need to shut your mouth and learn how to listen to others. It will benefit you in so many ways, in your professional life as well as your personal life.

Below are 4 steps to take to learn how to listen so that you can:

Create important and lasting relationships Small Business Consulting Fees in business and personal

Provide an atmosphere in restoring friendships

Place us in a state to recognize the difference between right and wrong

Shut Up: When you interrupt your client while they are trying to tell you what they need, you are causing friction within your relationship. You are also causing a distraction that will probably diminish the business relationship between you and your client. Give your undivided attention to your client because you are there to give them a solution to their problem. As long as you are talking you will never know what your client needs.

Expect a Response: When your client approaches you for something they are in need of it’s because they expect you to bring forth what you have promised them to do. This is why listening to their needs is important in resolving their situation. So, it’s imperative that the only way you will be able to respond to your client is by listening to their needs.

Wait to Speak: If and only your client has finished speaking and telling you what their needs are, that’s when you should speak. When your client sees this it encourages them to depend on you and believe that you will pull through on what you have promised them to do.

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Write it Down: If you are like me, while my client is speaking my mind is running a million miles. The reason why I always carry a journal to jot down new ideas or solutions is to make sure I understand what my client’s needs are. I also write down in bullet points what they are saying so that I can always repeat back to the client; therefore, we can work on the same page and make sure that nothing is left out. With so much technology out there you can even record the conversation so that you can go back to it and make sure that you have what you need in order to help a client out.

Keep in mind that the benefit of listening Aon Consulting Indonesia creates a greater relationship!