Can You Write A Telephone Script For Me?

I used to think that scripting sales and service calls meant addressing what I have termed, “The Three T’s.”
I’m speaking of course about Text, composing the best words for the purpose. But I have also added Tone, the all important how of what we say, our intonations.
And I have capped this discussion off with the final, or what I thought was the final T: Timing; when we choose to utter something.
But Three T’s are inadequate to explain the entire scripting challenge. Now, I see quite clearly that there are Five T’s: Text, Tone, Timing, Training, and Tweaking.
One of the fundamental flaws in scripting is that few people willingly and intelligently use them, and those that do, insert imperfections while leaving out crucial strengths that have been built into them.
You cannot “buy” a script from a vendor, hand it to your people, and expect them to be able to use it, “straight out of the box.”
They need Training, to understand the necessity of using certain critical words and phrases, exactly; and they need to be briefed on the important aspects of Tone and Timing.
Moreover, the final T, Tweaking, is seldom packaged How To Start A Software Consulting Company as it should be, with a script-for-hire.
Like newborns, new scripts need to spend time in the nursery. Their Cost Saving Ideas Manufacturing throats need to be cleared, and obstructions noted and removed.
Above all, they must be observed before they can be declared independent, capable of fending for themselves.
Even great scripts, and I mean genius-material, should be pilot-tested, monitored, measured, and managed.
Without a feedback-loop, providing real world results as conversations are conducted, we don’t know what changes to make, and scripts, however promising in the minds of their composers and managers, are likely to be rejected by users over curable imperfections.
So, the next time you are asked, or you are the one that asks, “Can you write a script for me?” please realize that the Text is just one of five crucial aspects of the challenge.

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