Change Management Consulting – Thrive Don’t Survive – Insights to Making Change Stick

Barack Obama ran his presidency proclaiming to bring it. Countless spiritual leaders and citizens have demonstrated it through their actions. The “it” is change. Change has always been a constant How To Start A Business With 300 throughout history and will continue to be so. Despite our human response to question change, it is the one thing that continues to move us forward in many areas of our lives as human beings.
The need for change management Consulting Industry Articles is not just a social, political or technological necessity. It is also a necessity in business. Your business, no matter the size and number of employees, must learn to adapt to the changing needs of customers, financial highs-and-lows, social trends, politics, and technological advancements. Without the capability to adapt your business will slowly die.
These statements don’t come as new revelations in business. In fact I’m merely stating the obvious. But what’s not so obvious is how you bring change to your business and continue to thrive. This is where change management comes in to play. Change management is a business discipline that involves assessing, visioning, planning, monitoring, implementing, and monitoring a little more the tactical actions that will help your business to continue to thrive.
Assessing: Know what internal and external factors are influencing the need for your business to change. Assess what the impacts might be and where and how your business will need to change.
Visioning: Know what a successful tomorrow looks like. Describe what needs to be new in the future. Use language that is purpose-focused. Articulating the new future is a way to engage your employees. Remember to share it in a way that allows them to ask questions and add to the vision.
Planning: Based on the impacts, begin planning how you will respond so that your business will thrive. This is no time to stop engaging your employees and even your customers. Tap into their ideas. They know what’s working and what’s not working. It can be brutal, but the insights employees and customers have about your business are key to a successful change.
Monitoring: It might seem odd to monitor things when nothing is yet implemented. In this case, you’re monitoring how people are responding to the changes. Look at behaviors of people and groups of people. Is it positive? Is there fear? Be prepared to adjust some of your plans based on how people are responding to the pending changes.
Implementing: As you roll out the tactics that will help reach what you’ve envisioned, keep in touch with employees and customers. No amount of planning can prepare you for the unexpected. Expect the unexpected.
The underlying theme in change management is genuine collaboration with employees and customers. The outcomes in the actions listed above will yield greater business results, and satisfied employees and customers. It’s the collaboration through change management consulting that will help your business thrive and change in today’s business environment.

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