Coaching Business – People Do Business With Individuals Who Make it Easy For Them

When people are choosing any service they need or want, they tend to choose companies or people based on 3 key areas.
o The Company’s Credibility.
o How easy it is to do business with them.
o Their ability to deliver and communicate with their customers / clients.
Take the following steps to ensure your company Business Strategy Consultant Job Description is ahead of most coaching companies.
Step 1 – Boost your credibility.
When a coach is qualified, they learn very quickly that you don’t just stick the word ‘life coach’ over door and the phone starts ringing. You need to build your credibility Accenture Strategy Analytics up and you need to boost your credibility to remind people where you are and how good your services are. Testimonials are a great way of showing credibility.
Step 2 – Make Doing Business with You Easy.
How easy is it to send payments and get products and services out to your clients? What is your follow up service like? What Value Added Services do you supply? How do you surprise and delight your clients? These are key questions that need answered so that you can see where your current service is at. A great exercise to do is to ask your existing clients, why they do business with you. What they like about how you do business and what they feel could be improved.
Step 3 – Communication.
Communication is key especially in the coaching business. Does your client have access to you between sessions? If so, do they know they have that access. Explaining to your client that products take 28 days for delivery is telling them what to expect rather than them calling 2 weeks later complaining that the product did not arrive.
I think you get the picture, by implementing these simple steps is a great start to building a successful coaching practice.

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