Cold Calling Versus Social Media – Which Works Better?

I have been giving a lot of thought about how to write about this subject. And the first thing that came to mind was the question is cold calling to generate leads even comparable to social media? The answer I came up with was yes, sort of. I mean they are both ways of getting leads for your business, right?
Let’s look at how they are similar first then we’ll explore how they differ and then see what our conclusion will be as to which one is better or more effective. So bear with me and read on.
How both methods are similar?
Both involve contacting people and they both are interactive, e.g. making contact and receiving feedback from a prospective client or customer.
Both involve the use of a database of names, emails, and phone numbers (You need this to start contacting people, even if you sign up for a lead generation program you still start here for both methods.)
Both involve disseminating information out to your leads, e.g. details about your product or services.
Both involve follow up with those whom you’ve contacted Is Consulting Right For Me Quiz and received favorable responses from.
There are other ways they are similar but for now we’ll stop here with just the ones I’ve listed above.
How both methods are dissimilar?
Cold calling is instantaneous; you pick up the phone, dial the number and if the prospect answers you are in contact NOW so everything you say has to convince them to continue to listen to what you have to say. You are interacting with them live.
Social media on the other hand is not really instantaneous, yes I know you can send out tweets from your company TwitterA� account and prospects can response if they wish directly to you. But there is still a delay of you waiting for their input before you can respond. You can use those who subscribe to your website or blog and develop an email or TwitterA� contact list. Then send predetermined/crafted tweets and/or emails to hopefully get them to respond. But again it’s not quite live.
Cold calling can be and usually is very nerve wracking, especially for those who are not comfortable calling complete strangers and striking up a conversation.
Social media on the other hand allows for a bit of anonymity because you’re not speaking live but sending messages back and forth through the Ethernet. This gives each party a chance to think through their responses before answering back, you can’t really do that on the phone.
Which method is more successful?
Here I’m rather torn between the two because I believe they both have their place in a business plan.
For example in my one of my own businesses, doing business development, I have found the instantaneous responses I get from cold calling can be very helpful as to where I put my energies and attention i.e. if the prospect isn’t interested I know right away so I move on to the next call and don’t Strategy Consulting Industry waste any more time with that one. However, some of the calls can turn very negative very quickly through no fault of my own, it’s not that their mad at me in particular the prospect is venting and I’m the one caught on the phone with them. Not a good feeling especially if you have thin skin.
Social media I like and use for my consulting business and have found it to be 100% compatible with it. By utilizing social sites like TwitterA�, FacebookA�, LinkedInA� and many others I am able to reach many more people than just those I could physically call each day. Plus by using a blog in combination with the sites I listed I can demonstrate my knowledge and experience to prospective clients in far more detail than a cold call would allow.
There are many positive and negative things about both methods I could go into in them more depth but I think as I stated previously they both have a place in a good business plan based in part on who you are trying to reach.
Do you agree with me, disagree with me or have your own take on this subject let me know and maybe we can start a discussion about the two. I look forward to hearing from you.

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