Consultants – Get Free Customer Traffic With a Simple Sales Letter That You Can Email

If you are a consultant in any field, you are going to need a steady stream of business in order to stay afloat. Too often, consultants think they need to go after new customers How To Start A Dental Consulting Business over and over, but the best customers are right in front of you. Read on to find out how you can benefit from using a top-notch sales letter to get free customers.
If you already have a customer list, you will need to create a sales letter that compels the customer to call you for more business. Yes, this sounds easier than it is. Customers are bombarded by sales people all day long, so you will really need Common Law Questions And Answers to get their attention in order for them to pay attention to you. By sending a compelling letter to your current customers, you can give them a reason to take action. Either they can refer a new customer to you or they can give you more business.
You will email or stamp-mail this sales letter to your customers on a regular basis. This is a key of marketing. You have to have frequency in your reminders to them. You can’t just send a letter out once and hope people will buy. Most people need 5-7 exposures to a product before they make a buying decision, so that means you need to keep contacting your customers until they tell you to stop. You already have done business with them. They like you. It does not cost anything to get these people to get you more business. This is where you go first.
In order to create a compelling sales letter, you need to have headline or email subject line that will grab the reader’s attention out of the daze that they are in. This headline will create curiosity. Do not try and sell the whole product or offer in the headline, you only want to grab enough of their attention to have them keep reading, a teaser.
In the body copy of the letter you will tell a story about how your business solved a certain problem for a customer. You will also need to create bullet points about how the different benefits will help certain problems. You should cover every aspect of the benefits in the bullet points. End the letter with a compelling guarantee that you will stand behind you consulting services, because most consultants don’t have one. This will give you an edge up. A well written sales letter can get a 5-10% closing ratio.

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