Empty Tank Syndrome Meets The Home Party Consultant

Question: what do you do when your car has no gas?
That’s pretty simple isn’t it? You wouldn’t expect the car to go by itself on an empty tank, or just throw it away, right? Yet, many people invest in a home party or online business and do just that! Perhaps they try and only do a few parties here and there. But then along comes a dry spell, and then BAM! Their business stalls out!
Funny how many expect a home party business to simply run ‘on it’s own.’ And then they think their only choice is to walk away! The problem is they are just out of GAS!
You’d never think of throwing away your car when you’re out of gas, so the same goes for your business. Putting gas in your tank means making a conscious daily investment in time to market your business: it is as SIMPLE as that!
Problem: when you don’t have 5, 6 or 7 future bookings on your calendar, you run the risk of EMPTY TANK SYNDROME.
Solution:here are the 4 ways to put immediate gas in you tank:
1. Assemble your prospect list. What’s a prospect list? That’s everyone you know: family, friends, people you work or used to work with, How To Become A Consultant In Education neighbors, customers, former customers, etc. It is also people you know online through your social media (like Facebook, Linkedin, etc)
2. Then get on the horn or on your social site and be excited about your business, about your products, about what you do! –Offer a carrot (an extra hook or special promotion or gift or incentive) and, then ask! Some will say yes, so get the date right then and there and in your calendar. –Some will say no—ask for a referral. People naturally want to help others, and giving a referral helps relieve them from the guilt of saying “no.”
3. Book your own party, and especially invite those that said no to a booking. Your intent is Business Consulting Firms Chicago not so much to sell, but to expose yourself and business and get a couple of future bookings.
4. Repeat all of the above. Add to your prospect list on a regular basis (you are always meeting new people!) and keep working the list. Write, promote, talk, call, write, mail, get the picture!
Remember, if you are in the home party business and are well booked into the immediate future, you never have to worry about an empty gas tank again! So, come on and stop waiting! Get talking, writing, calling and fill ‘er up!

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