Hacking – How Big A Problem Is It?

Being a small business owner myself, I’ve spent quite a lot of time talking with fellow small business owners. What I’ve discovered Surviving Consulting Job during the course of those conversations is that most have no real plan when it comes to network, data, or website security.
Small business owners usually have to wear a great number of hats, and are often harried. Pulled in a dozen conflicting directions at once, and sadly, this leaves little time to think strategically. Because of this, what thought is given to this sort of thing is usually best categorized as an after-thought.
Oh sure, many will pay at least some attention. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have at least a freeware version of an anti-virus software running, and windows comes equipped with a firewall, so that provides at least a little protection. Most off the shelf security programs offer at least a little customizability, and a great many vendors have password gates built into the services they offer, so without doing much of anything beyond following the trail of common sense, it’s possible to assemble at least a rudimentary data security shield.
Sadly, nearly a quarter of the people I talked to had nothing formal in place. More than a third didn’t even do regular data backups, and almost none had any sort of formalized process or procedures in place when it came to a recovery plan, in the event of a security breech or catastrophic data loss.
Given that a hacker succeeds in breaching a company’s defenses three times a minute, somewhere in the world, these people’s Personality Traits Of A Consultant companies seem to me to be a lot like ticking bombs. It’s not really a question of “if,” but a question of when.
Sooner or later, their number will come up, in what is probably the worst sort of lottery you can win, and when it does, their business will suffer. It may not collapse, but it could. Data loss and the loss of the trust of your client base (two common aftereffects of a successful hacking attack), can lead to real, persistent financial impacts that it could take years to recover from.
Don’t let that happen to you. Protect your data. Protect your business. If you don’t have the expertise to do it on your own, get assistance from a qualified independent security consultant!

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