How and Why Blogging Is a Good Investment for CPA, Financial Services and Consulting Firms

Despite the fact that blogging makes good sense, it is still not that popular in the niche marketing realm for accounting, legal, and consulting firms. There may be some concerns about allocating time, money, and other resources to this effort, but when seen from the ROI point of view, it is quite clear that blogging is a worthwhile investment.
Rick Burns of HubSpot said that the good thing of publishing a blog post is transparent and can be measured: Every time you put up a blog post, you’re buying an annuity. He says that whenever you blog, you can start a cash flow that will last throughout the lifetime of the blog. However, you won’t see the return in the form of cash each month, but you will see the traffic.
Return on Spend (ROS): When you blog, you can get ROI in the form of ROS (Return on Spend). In this case, you aren’t spending money for the blogging, but you are making engagements for your time. Engagements can generate thousands of dollars in income. The blog represents your touch point.
Return on Investment (ROIN): You can also get ROIN (Return on Investment). This is because a blog post reaches a wide variety of leads, suspects, potential clients, and referral sources. This can generate a lot more business for you in the future. Here’s another way of framing the advantages of ROIN: if your blog post really strikes the heart of what the reader is interested in, that person will then post it on their social media pages and e-mail it to everyone they think will be interested in it.
Return on Personal Brand (ROP): Accountants, attorneys, and consultants are aware that individualized marketing is the best method for gaining new business, and the most successful ones are the ones who have spent years cultivating a deep network of contacts. But blogging allows a new partner or up-and-coming professional to secure a position as an expert on a topic — and it costs nothing, unless you count the time they spend writing new blog posts. Blogging greatly assists in the development of personal brands. When this is done within niche market development, it becomes one of the most powerful ways to establish ones personal credibility and to build awareness.
And finally, blogging offers a direct financial advantage. So, say you are a law firm or an accounting firm and you want to develop your estate Meaning Of Property Consultant planning niche. You would optimize your blog and highlight long-tail keyword phrases like “Estate Planning for Business Owners, Houston”.
The synopsis: There’s ROI (ROS, ROIN, ROP) potential Accenture Sustainability Jobs in blogging, which pays off with little investment.

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