How Did I Use Social Media to Attract New Clients and Double My Coaching Business?

When I’m on the speaking circuit I’m frequently asked: How did you use Social Media to Attract New Clients and Double Your Business?
Here is How I used Social Media Optimization (SMO) to Attract New Clients and Grow my Business: In early 2009 I chucked my old 10 page template driven website and upgraded to a new eCommerce Content Management System (CMS) website for my Small Business Coaching and Internet Marketing practice. Back then there were only 256,000 references to my name on a Google search and I didn’t show up at all until Page 17. Along the way, I had learned that 75% of all web surfers won’t go past Page 1, as a result, I and my Coaching Business really didn’t exist on the Internet… We couldn’t be found..
So, I implemented a Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategy and started blogging and article writing plus actively participated on the leading Social Media websites. For example, I blogged almost every day in June and August and posted over 200 status updates. All of Consulting For Dummies that activity increased my website visitor traffic by 3 times. I went “viral” creating over 1.1 million references for my name and personal brand. Now there are 1.6 million results. But I didn’t just go viral for my name I also did it for 17 of my main “keywords”…
Please try it; search for me: just enter my name, nothing else.. As you’ll see, now I’m #1 on Page 1 of the major search engines and my Coaching website domains show up #3 and #7. I leapfrogged famous Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Sheriffs and others who also share my name.. Think about it: What could the Number 1 position on a major search engine be worth for your Business? A LOT!!! I’ve learned that the #1 search result gets 45-50% of the clickthrus from that search so you have to be found on Page 1…
How did this happen? Social Media websites have a high Page Rank (PR) ranging from PR0 to PR10 – There is the only PR10. I’ve heard that 99% of all websites have a PR of 0… But the big Social Media website are a PR9 or PR8. Those were very powerful votes for my website and all of the incoming links from those clickthrus significantly increased my website’s Page Rank. Because of my increased visibility on a national Reporter was able to find me in a search for Business Coaches and quoted me in an article she was writing about business turnarounds in a down economy.
I also used my Affiliate Management module to set up 15 tracking codes for each of my Social Media profiles so that I could measure the sources of my website traffic.. Now I’m able to say that 63% of my sales and 1/3 of my New Clients come from Social Media sources Training Consultant Job Description Sample and another 1/3 from referrals of past SMO Clients. I have a full Coaching practice and I’m adding staff to handle all of the business. Using SMO I have been able to take my practice from Local to Global and it looks like I’m on track to Double my Income this year.
You probably already know that “Social Media Marketing” is THE hottest way to grow your business and get new clients today. If you didn’t, I hope that my story will inspire you to check it out.

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