How To Be Hired By A Management Consulting Firm

Breaking into management consulting is a difficult venture. Since a lot of recent graduates and experienced professionals apply for a vacancy in this industry, you should expect a tough competition. Ample time and effort must be allotted for the application process if you wish to prove you have what it takes to be a consultant.
You can start the process of landing your dream job by knowing the basic qualifications and determining if you have them. Many consultants are MBA graduates but such educational attainment isn’t really necessary. As long as you have an undergraduate degree, and you’re a person who’s knowledgeable in business processes, interested in creating an impact and equipped with excellent problem-solving, communication and analytical skills, you can give this career a try. If you graduated from a top performing school, you were actively involved in extra-curricular activities or you used to be connected with a prestigious company, you may have an advantage over others.
Don’t forget that recruiters assess hundreds of applicants in this industry. Thus, it is essential that you submit an excellent management How To Start An Excel Consulting Business resume and cover letter to pique the recruiter’s interest. Your credentials must be tailored in a manner that complements with the needs and of the target firm, so they can envisage your contribution to their growth. Also, structure your relevant information in a comprehensible way. Recruiters don’t have the luxury of time, so too much unnecessary data will get your application rejected. Also, don’t forget to include your important achievements either as a student or as professional.
Once you’ve submitted several job applications, start preparing for the daunting case interview, the ultimate test of your capability to do a consulting job. Start by being familiar with different business cases and by mastering consulting frameworks. In the actual interview, you will be presented a vague scenario, and you need to evaluate the factors from different angles to be able to resolve it. This can be can be mind-boggling, especially is you’re not sure on how to approach it. The frameworks, however, provide a step-by-step method in working out the case. You can look for a partner who’s willing to practice with you. This way, you can help each other in sorting out complicated issues.
Networking with key people in management consulting is another critical part of the preparation to break into this industry. This referral strategy seems effective for recruiters because of trust. They’d rather bank on applicants whose competencies were attested by someone they know than start assessment from scratch. Extending your circle of professionals can be done through joining organizations, participating in events and even being active on LinkedIn and other social networking sites. If you’re still a student, grab every networking opportunity offered by your school. Nuggets of wisdom await for you in those activities.
Also, prepare for the written tests the management Why Consulting Is Important firm administers to applicants. You can visit their website, call the Human Resource Department or ask someone from the company what types of tests will you take. Some firms skip this part, but some use this to weed out applicants. McKinsey, for instance, requires candidates to take the numerical reasoning test to determine who are better problem solvers. Some firms also give verbal, abstract and personality tests, so you might as well prepare for these challenges.
Doing an internship program is another great way to break into management consulting. Some interns were offered full-time positions because they’ve proven that they can competently perform the actual responsibilities of a consultant. If you don’t receive an offer, don’t fret. The experience you’ve gained can already back you up in your job search after graduation. Further, the connections you’ve made during your short stay may pave the way for external opportunities. In other words, make the most of your internship as it may lead you to places.

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