How To Break Into Management Consulting At Bain

From the get-go, Bain differentiated its management consulting business by linking itself to its clients’ successes or failures. While producing a lot of pressure for results, the firm enjoys a reputation for hard work and results-oriented service. Since its inception in 1973, the firm has grown and found itself among the so-called “Big 3” of the consulting industry. Widely perceived as the creme de la creme of consulting jobs, getting hired is a challenge, but understanding the firm and its differentiators will help you land the Bain career of your dreams.
A unique Bain practice, not used by other top firms like AT Kearney, Booz, BCG, and McKinsey, is the consistent practice of forming mutual economic agreements with their clients. Bain’s “put your money where your mouth is” practice shows a lot of confidence in their business practices and a commitment to helping their clients get tangible results. Since Bain only profits when their clients do, it adds a lot of pressure to deliver for the client. This innovative and bold business function is one reason many see Bain as the best management consulting firm on the planet.
The interview process differs somewhat depending on where you are at in your career. Bain focuses more on case interviews with college graduates and early career candidates while shifting Accenture Consulting Firms to more of an experienced-based interview for mid and advanced-career professionals. The interview often consists of a blend of case study work and experience-based questions.
Bain management consulting has excellent resources on their website for interested applicants. They actually have an entirely different website and domain showcasing careers as the firm. Candidates would do themselves a favor if they spend some time thoroughly reviewing the entire Bain career website to prepare for their interview. They have several case studies on the site including a video case study. Candidates can find out a great deal about the firm’s core values, culture, career paths and the its awards and recognition.
Although Bain hires people from a variety of academic disciplines and life experiences, there are common characteristics that can be found in Bain management consulting professionals. The Firm highly values complex problem solving skills, demonstrated thought leadership, passion, and a results-oriented mentality.
Bain recruits at top-tier colleges and universities all over the world. The firm generally prefers Ivy League graduates, but they also value a wide array of experience and educational backgrounds that hail from outside of the top-tier institutions.
Results are the backbone of the company and for Bain’s clients, meaning that employees should be equally results-driven and illustrate tangibly the results they have produced in their own endeavors. You must brand yourself as unique while also showing that you embody the qualities Bain seeks in its management consultants.
Many top consulting firms have a penchant for hiring MBAs, but Bain is very open to hiring people from non-MBA backgrounds. They hire people from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds as long as those people can show they have the skill set and characteristics that Bain is looking for.
Bain definitely has a work hard play hard mentality. The firm is dynamic and eschews stagnancy. Bain management Business Consultant Certification associates are very high energy, high performing people who excel at virtually everything they do. Bain encourages its people to be open-minded in their approaches to diversity and offers social groups for minority groups, such as “Blacks at Bain”. Bain offers a collegial atmosphere that includes associates spending a lot of time together inside and outside the office.
A career at Bain will provide you with the skill set and training you need to do virtually anything with your career. Follow these guidelines, work hard, and don’t give up.

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