How to Effectively Manage Your Time – 18 Tips to Improve Productivity Now

In this article you will find 18 simple yet powerful tips for maximizing productivity in all areas of your life. Adopt a few and watch your results improve dramatically. Implement all the techniques simultaneously and I guarantee your results will be off the charts.
1. Utilize the theory behind HIT (High Intensity Training).
Research has shown in exercise greater gains can be experience from focused bursts of intense activity followed by rest. Continually repeating in succession often leads to maximum results.
Applying this principle can yield big gains in all areas of your life. Instead of buckling down and performing a daily marathon of productivity, chunk your day up into shorter bursts of focused activity followed by periods of social interaction or other activities that temporarily disengage you from the task at hand. You will find increased productivity in the continual change of pace.
2. Time your activities.
Set a predetermined time for each activity on your calendar and stick to it. Utilize one of the many online timers available to keep you on task. If you aren’t able to complete the task in the allotted time, determine if you are going to bump the next task or reschedule additional time to complete the work remaining. Either way you are remaining in control of your schedule for the day and will be more likely to stay on time and task throughout the balance of the day.
3. Minimize interruptions.
Turn off the cell phone, close the office door, and close out of your email software. Focus strictly on the task at hand and eliminate all other exterior distractions.
4. Play music as long as it doesn’t interrupt your focus.
You will have to determine this one for yourself. Some people will find productivity increases when they have some back ground music playing. Others will find the music distracting. Determine what works for you and adjust accordingly.
5. Love what Independent Consultant Contract Template you do.
The more you enjoy what you do the better at it you will be. Take time to find the good in all tasks you perform on a daily basis.
6. Tackle the difficult project first.
Most of us will work on more enjoyable projects first and procrastinate on some of the less enjoyable or more difficult projects until later in the day. Instead focus on accomplishing your most challenging tasks in the morning. This leaves you the ability to focus on more enjoyable tasks in the afternoon which will often have you leaving the office in a much more positive mood.
7. Try JDarkRoom.
This simple application removes many of the distractions that pull you away from your focused work during the day.
8. Get moving.
Momentum builds once you get the body in motion. Often times you will spend a considerable amount of effort avoiding starting a certain task. Instead buckle down and get started immediately. The momentum you build may take you all the way to the finish line considerably sooner than you thought possible.
9. Identify if you are a morning, afternoon, or night person.
Everyone has a unique internal clock. Identify when your most productive times are throughout the day and build your calendar around those times.
10. Download to an external hard drive often.
Forget trying to keep track of everything in your head. Keep a pad and paper handy and continually download new ideas from your head onto the paper.
11. Consider blogging daily.
This keeps you accountable and always working towards self -improvement and personal growth.
12. Plan your meals in advance and shop from a grocery list.
Reduce the time and money spent randomly going up and down the supermarket aisles and instead purchase only what is on the list for the meals you intend to make during the week.
13. Unplug.
Oftentimes email and websites will distract you all day long. If able, unplug from the internet and work on focused tasks offline to minimize distractions.
14. Plan in advance.
At the culmination of each day plan for what you intend to accomplish tomorrow. This will always keep you proactively managing your schedule.
15. Ask Yourself, “Am I currently making the best possible use of my time?”
If you are, great. If not, make the necessary adjustments now.
16. Sleep.
Make sure you are getting the required amount of sleep each night for optimal recovery. Without it you are setting yourself up for burn-out and decreased productivity.
17. Exercise regularly.
The increased energy associated with exercise will far outweigh the investment of time required to be input.
18. Keep your environment organized.
Remove clutter and any unnecessary physical distractions from your office or work area. A clean and organized environment is a productive one.
These simple yet effective techniques will yield great results as part of your time-management and productivity Financial Consultant Interview Questions strategy. implement as many of these into your daily habits and I know you will see results immediately.

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