How to Get a Job in Deloitte Consulting

Making inroads into the competitive landscape of management consulting jobs is a tough challenge. The competitive nature of the game makes it hard to know for sure what will put you over the top in the hunt for the elusive, coveted consulting job, but there are some guidelines that the top-tier consulting firms agree on. In the case of Deloitte Consulting, one of the nation’s leading consulting firms, you can increase your odds of success by following a few targeted strategies.
The first step in landing a job with Deloitte Consulting has to do less with your applicable skills and more to do with who you are. Demonstrated persistence and determination are needed to get the offer you dreamed of. Guideline one, therefore, is: Your application package should highlight all your relevant leadership skills and achievements. Deloitte is looking for this kind of evidence in your application, perhaps above all other attributes. As a part of highlighting these achievement-oriented accomplishments, be sure to have important keywords stand out to make what you have done very clear. Most top-ranked firms, including McKinsey and your target, Deloitte, look favorably on this kind of clarity. Beyond keywords, though, we recommend that you go beyond merely listing your achievements. Showcasing concrete examples of how you single-handedly accomplished something great through determination and against a variety of obstacles will make you stand out. Deloitte is, first and foremost, looking for someone who gets results and stands out among a sea of otherwise highly qualified applicants.
Your second guideline for getting in with Deloitte, as with many other management consulting firms like Bain and Booz, is either to attend a big name school (and highlight this prominently on the resume) or offer something exceptional about yourself and your educational pursuits in lieu of having attended a top-tier educational institution. Most hires will have attended “the right school”, which of course requires a tremendous effort to get into in the first place. If you have not, some hard work and dedication is required on your part to get noticed without the big name on the resume. Because consulting firms will see you on paper before they ever meet the real you, you want to look as good as possible on paper; to get there, you must strive for academic excellence, pursue and meet goals and undertake everything you do with visible dedication. Attending big-name colleges, universities or business schools is crucial in showcasing your ability to work as a management consultant. In the absence of an Ivy League or top school, your academic performance at the university you did attend will need to reflect top performance, going above and beyond what is necessary for getting your higher education. Your coursework will need to reflect a bent toward business, management and fields relevant to management consulting and your extracurriculars will need to be stellar (relevant internships, work experience or volunteer work).
Your third guideline is to prepare at each step of the application and interview process. Preparation is the key to success in many facets of life and getting a job in management consulting is no different, especially at Deloitte Consulting. Before you apply, do your homework about Deloitte and make sure you fit their profile. Spend time preparing your resume accordingly. When and if you are invited to an interview, you will again need to spend considerable time rehearsing interview answers. Recruiters from Deloitte and most other top management consulting firms emphasize that the key to successfully completing an interview is through careful preparation and practice.
One of the most challenging aspects of the interview will be the case study portion; this will require the most preparation, even if the fit interview is of equal importance. Another guideline in your path to a Deloitte career is to arm Mckinsey And Company Careers yourself not just with off-the-cuff practice but with formal study guides, which are widely available for purchase. These guides supply mock case study questions and possible questions that could be asked during the interview process.
One important aspect of interviewing with Deloitte specifically is that you need to spend time reviewing Deloitte’s website. Deloitte offers tips and strategies on their company website that are beneficial in preparing for the interviewing process. Naturally, any advice you can get directly from the firm you want to be hired is advice you should follow. Practice makes perfect, as the old adage goes, and practicing your interview questions and answers with friends and colleagues is one way to ensure that you will feel at ease when the real management consulting interview takes place. Answering questions while looking in the mirror can help you pick up on any unforgiving mannerisms or nervous twitches. It is better to rectify small issues now than when in front of an interviewing committee.
Another guideline that applies across the board in getting a management Consulting Partner Salary gig is to take advantage of your network while always building onto it. To land at Deloitte, networking is a key component to getting a job. You can work on building a network within Deloitte early on, when you meet Deloitte representatives at a recruiting event. Similar to companies like McKinsey and BCG, Deloitte places a huge emphasis on recruiting. Deloitte is looking for ways to interact with candidates prior to the hiring process, and it is up to you to get out there and start networking. You can see company presentations and information sessions at some of the top-ranked schools around the country. It is important to attend the sessions and find out who the key players are within the company. Deloitte recruiters are looking for candidates who make a big personal impression on them. Interact widely with people unfamiliar to you, act the part and dress for success. Don’t sit in a corner chatting with friends, but make yourself available if you plan to network your way into key relationships with important players at Deloitte Consulting. You may just hit it off with one of the consultants who has influence when processing your resume. Keep in mind when networking and establishing your contacts that you don’t forget to get their business card and can refer to these individuals later when you submit your application to Deloitte directly. Building on the rapport you built when meeting for the first time is an excellent way to get your foot in the door.
By following these guidelines and being your own advocate, particularly with regard to your personal achievements, you can get a leg up in getting a job at Deloitte Consulting. It will be hard work and time consuming to get an offer. A combination of being your own cheerleader, step-by-step and careful preparation, practice and networking all along the way will ultimately give you an edge in getting hired for your dream job at Deloitte.

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