How to Make Money on the Internet With Offline Business Consulting

Offline business consulting has been creating a big buzz for internet marketers everywhere. Internet marketers that already have a few years of experience can benefit from taking their business offline. Although some of the things that are said about it sound like hype, starting an internet consulting business with offline clients has proven to generate more income than just offering yourself to the public as an online freelancer. Before we begin to talk about how to make money on the internet with this new business, let’s first define what offline business consulting is all about.
If you look around you, there are many offline, brick-and-mortar businesses who also use the internet to market their services. The problem with these businesses is that they are so busy focusing on their services, most likely they don’t know the first thing about promoting their business online. This is where the experienced internet marketer can come in as a professional internet business consultant.
Here are a few ideas on what kind of services you can offer Exton Consulting to offline businesses which are sure make you more money:
Web design and SEO (Search Cost Saving Ideas Manufacturing Engine Optimization)
For some of these businesses, having an online presence is a new experience for them. Offering to build their website can generate a good income for you. If you have already been creating and maintaining your own website, then this service can become your niche. On-site optimization or SEO can also be a part of the package that you can offer. Again, for the professional internet marketer, SEO is the one thing that you are already an expert at.
Create a blog for the business
Other businesses may already have existing static websites that have been created for them. If you ask the business owners if they have made money from their websites, they’ll probably remark on their disappointment that the website has not generated as much sales as they expected. By offering to create a blog for their business, you can easily earn as much as $500.00 for every company. The blog should be the place where the customers can communicate with them and where the company can update their customers about their new products and promotions.
Starting their campaigns using various social media
The reality is that for a business to grow, they should be taking advantage of online social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Plaxo. Theses sites can give them access to their prospective customers in and around their areas. Even if you are just getting started yourself in using social media, you can still offer this as one of your services. The service is to set up their profile on all social media, then link all of these pages to Friendfeed where they can manage all their social networks from one place. For this service, you can still easily charge as much as $500.00, just to set up their profiles in all of these various social networks.
If you’re willing to go further, thus earning more income, you can also offer to maintain these services for them for a monthly fee. And that is how to make money on the internet through offline business consulting.

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