How to Network to Get a Management Consulting Position

Networking is an invaluable skill to have in any career, but it is essential for management Cosmo Consult, both within the career path and to break into the career path. Industry leaders, such as Bain and AT Kearney, frequent big-name college campuses as part of their recruitment process, hoping to strike gold in ambitious potential management consultants, like yourself. To brand yourself as a successful candidate, you will need to become visible and make a positive impression on recruiters — leverage your existing network and show off your relationship-building and social skills by growing that network when it counts the most.
Networking takes strategy and preparation as you keep your goals in mind for each information session or company presentation. One of the main goals to keep in mind as you are networking to get a management consulting position with the firm you are targeting is to establish relationship with some potential references.
You are essentially on a fact-finding mission as much as you are trying to make yourself known; be ready to treat your time as a reconnaissance mission, taking in as much information as you can about the company, its employees and the corporate culture. This will give you an idea of how hard you want to pursue a management Property Consultant Salary job with the firm.
When you first arrive at a company’s information session it is a good idea to meet at least five existing consultants. This does not mean that you follow them around like a stalker all afternoon, but introduce yourself to them using your full name and ask a few open-ended questions. Representatives from McKinsey state that it is very helpful if a potential candidate introduces themselves using their full name and takes the time to get to know them. When it is time to review the resumes, your name is the one that may stand out.
It is proper etiquette to talk with the management consultant for no longer than ten minutes, unless the recruiter or representative is highly talkative and a good rapport is established. Watch for cues indicating that the rep is in need of moving along or growing bored with the conversation. Keep in mind the "less is more" principle when networking: say just enough but stop before you become too long-winded. Forced interaction is sometimes worse than no interaction.
At the end of the conversation with the management consulting representative it is a good idea to shake hands and collect a business card from the person you have been speaking to. Firms like BCG and Booz state that remembering to get a business card is non-negotiable. Whatever it takes, do not forget to collect this important piece of information as it will prove to be valuable when you send an e-mail thanking them for their time.
When you speak to a recruiter or representative of the company you are targeting, you should have a number of questions prepared ahead of time. Memorize the questions to prevent you from appearing unprepared. Some of the best questions to ask are open-ended and solid, such as ‘what has been your most difficult project while employed at Booz’ or ‘what was your background before going to work with McKinsey?’ Another interesting question to ask is if the management consulting rep has noticed any differences or changes since the economy issues arose. These changes may be personal or company based. Ask questions about the company and listen thoughtfully, asking follow-up questions when appropriate.
When the session is over make sure that you keep track of the business cards you collected from the people you interacted with. It is imperative that you follow up the next day! This is crucial and should not be taken lightly. Do not email them the day of or you may surprise them and avoid emailing them too long after the meeting or you run the risk of them forgetting who you are.
Networking to get a management consulting position is highly beneficial to you. Not only do you gain some positive relationships that could prove to be helpful in the future, but you learn which firm is a good fit and which one may not be.

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