How to Survive Without a Job

What are you good at doing? What do you enjoy doing? What is your ideal job?
Maybe it’s time for you to start a dual marketing approach regarding how you sell yourself and your skills. Unemployment benefits will not last forever and when it expires, you will still need income.
What are you going to do if companies are still not hiring?
Well there is something you can start doing right now to start preparing for such a worst case scenario. Continue with your job search, but why not also start to think and prepare yourself to work as a consultant. Companies and government agencies that are not yet ready to bring on a full-time employee are starting to hire contractors and consultants.
Obviously you will not get all the benefits and the perks of an employee while working as a consultant, but at least you will be generating an income and who knows, you may be on your way to having your own successful business.
Here are some things you can and should do if you want to start branding and presenting yourself as a consultant.
1. First determine what type of service or product you want to offer.
2. Determine what you are going to charge for your services.
3. Start to tell everyone you know and talk to that you now provide your service as a consultant.
4. Create an online profile. Start by doing the following:
a. Create a LinkedIn account and profile.
b. Create a Facebook personal account.
c. Create a Twitter account.
d. Develop a blog.
e. Create a Facebook Fan Page
f. Create a YouTube account
Start writing and talking about the services you offer and present yourself as an expert. The Internet has become one of the first places people check to find information on products and services.
People understand that you are not necessarily an expert when they learn that you have an Internet profile. However, if you are claiming to be knowledgeable about a particular subject matter, you had better have an Internet presence and profile. Many people will discredit you if you don’t have an online presence.
Try and post something via your accounts every day. You want people who are looking for information about Best Contract Attorneys Near Me your subject to find lots of information published by you in different forums and social media platforms.
I’m sure it has already become apparent to you that this will take considerable time to do, which is true. This is why you need to start doing this immediately. After all, if Training Consultants Vs Kaplan you are unemployed, time is the one thing you probably have plenty of. Now you know how to make good use of all that extra time. I ensure you that this will keep you busy.
The great thing about all of this is that it doesn’t cost you any money, but it can actually turn out to be an income generator and potentially a successful business venture.

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