How To Turn Your Website Visitors Into Mad, Hungry Buyers

So you have a website. Big deal. The question you need to ask yourself is – “Are you making any money from it?” If you are not making any money from your website – then I dare say that you may have wasted your money. If you did not know – your website should be one of the most important money makers of all your marketing efforts. But only if you can turn your website visitors into “mad, hungry” buyers.
Here are the 5 “Ps” of persuasion, which will help motivate your website visitors to pull out their wallets, – and be ready to buy, even before they call you.
1. The Problem or premise.
Visitors to your website are coming to you with a problem that they need to resolve, a desire to fulfill, or questions they need answered. They are looking for their need to be heard or understood. So if you can tap into your customers deep needs, you will connect with them emotionally and capture their attention. You can do this with just a line, a story or a question.
2. The Promise.
Now that they know you understand or can relate to their issue – they now want to know what you are going to do about it. This is when you let them know what you can do for them. This is where you make your promise. The key is to make your promise clearly and firmly – with confidence, to help them believe that you can help resolve their issue. Remember, vague promises rarely hit home.
3. The Picture.
After you have made your promise – this is the time to help them to consider the rewards of taking care of their issue. This is where you help them create a mental picture of life on the other side where the grass is greener – in other words, a vision of a better future. And words like “imagine” and “consider” take on a whole new and powerful meaning.
4. The How To Start A Software Consulting Company Proof.
Now that your visitor has connected with you emotionally, feels understood, considered your promise, and has a vision for a better future – now they need proof that you can do what you promised. The purpose of the proof is to help reduce risk in the mind of your customer – because in their mind you are still a stranger, and therefore a risk. If you can reduce that risk, you will provide great value with little risk – which equals a guaranteed sale. Proof can come in the form of testimonials, endorsements, research, etc. Or maybe a 30 day trial. Or sometimes proof can be as simple as telling them how you will do it, so that they see that it will work. The key is, the more the better.
5. The Push.
By now your prospect has already made a decision to buy from you – you just need to tell them what to do. But just in case they haven’t decided you can help them along with a little urgency. You can build urgency by reminding them of the consequences of not taking action, or of the rewards of resolving their issue. Or you can simply add a bit of scarcity through a time limit (i.e.: “only 2 days left for the sale”), or an opportunity limit (“only a few seats left.”).
In conclusion, if your website can provide these 5 components, then you will create a marketing Surviving Consulting Job machine that will provide your business with an endless supply customers for years to come.

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