How To Write A Covering Letter For A Tender

If you are even considering writing your own Tenders then you really need to know exactly what you are doing. Writing Tenders is difficult and writing the covering letter which accompanies your Tender document Technology Consulting Career Path can be just as important a part of the process as the Tender document itself. Remember, the reviewer will be likely to see the covering letter first and we all know how important first impressions are.

So do not leave anything to chance. If you are really not confident in writing a covering letter which you know you’ll be proud of then the chances are that the covering letter will not be sufficient in having the desired effect. Ask yourself pertinent questions such as:

Have I had enough relevant training and experience in writing PQQs, Tenders and, indeed, covering letters for Tenders?

Would an external Tender Writing company be better suited to writing my Tenders whilst I do what I am best at?

Would it be worth having the necessary training and gaining the relevant experience that I need to write the most effective Tenders that are possible to do my company or organisation justice? If so, do I have time to have this training and gain this experience before we reach the deadline for this particular Tender/set of Tenders?

If those questions do make you think that maybe you don’t have time to learn Tender Writing or would rather hire an external Tender Writing Consultant then maybe you should think twice about attempting to write your latest Tender covering letter by yourself. After all, unless you are in the business of Tender Writing (as a full-time job or career option) then the chances are that you will not be fully conversant in all of the intricacies of the profession which do take years and years to learn and perfect. Not to mention the concepts which take time to assimilate. Ultimately, topics, subjects and, indeed, disciplines take time to learn. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I say leave it to the experts and let them help you to develop an inhouse Bid Writing process and streamline the information retrieval processes which are necessary to getting the job done.

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If you still want to learn how to write you own covering letter for your Tenders after reading this then this is a 5 step process which should point you in the write direction:

Introduce your company or organisation.

Address any relevant requirements of the Property Consultant Jakarta Invitation To Tender (ITT) document.

Summarise the main elements of the Tender Document.

End with a brief conclusion.

Thank the reviewer for their time.

In addition, some Tender Writers recommend that you write the covering letter after the main document has been completed whilst others suggest writing it first. This is down to personal choice and either way is fine. Many argue that you should have a template to write your covering letters from but f you do chose to do this then try not to follow it too closely and always write the letter around the contents of your main document.