Human Resource Management – It’s All About PEOPLE!

It has always been about people. Human Resource Management articles always talk about the importance of keeping people in an organization happy through focusing on well laid out processes. But I always ask myself: Is it the right way of going about things in a company? It’s people, not processes or hr tools or practices that brings value to the projects. The aim of any organization must be to fulfill its strategic and long term vision by maintaining a healthy relationship with its employees. This challenge comes to the fore front mostly when a new employee is hired and recruited. A certified, conditioned and keen individual will give you a better chance of sustaining an edge over your competitor than others.
A company that does not focus on people will eventually have a workforce that has poor morale producing results that are not intended. People matter like nothing else, especially for an organization that wants to keep growing. Ignoring all the HR tools, and bringing back the focus to the human capital, a company must focus at building a strong team and for that getting a right person is important. Take a look at some of the points that are mentioned below that will help you get the right candidate.
• Pick Quality. Quality must always be given preference over quantity. Many Human Resource Management Performance Improvement Certifications articles talk about it and ask the managers to always be on a look out for fresh and superior talent.
• Fill your Need Gaps. Find out the demands and inadequacies in your organization and keep a close watch on people you think can adequately fill up your need gaps.
• Sort and Screen People. It is self- explanatory and must not be ignored, especially in the initial steps of recruitment.
• Interview is Important. Interview table is a place where you are talking to your future employees. Make sure you clarify all your doubts, and don’t shy away from asking difficult questions.
• Check References. It is always advised to cross check your first impression of an employee with the last impressions of his/her previous employer.
Once you are done with getting a suitable candidate, the real job of managing people and their behavior begins. It is very important now to align organizations business strategy & business Management Consulting Books values with the people. This Alignment will occur only when the people, process and technology all perform together in a dependent relationship to achieve the common goals.
One must also never ignore the employee behavioral changes as it could impact business profits and overall customer experience.
Finally, a successful organizations are becoming more flexible, resilient, quick to transform, and people-centric, and within this framework the providers of talent management consulting must manage people effectively through planning, organizing, leading and controlling to stay ahead of the race.

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