Inside Kearney: How To Become A Management Consultant

AT Kearney is a management What Is It Advisory firm founded in 1929 by Andrew Thomas (A.T.) Kearney. Kearney earned a name for himself and the firm in the 1930s by utilizing a generalist approach to consulting. In other words, the Kearney team would perform an in-depth analysis of all aspects of the client’s business functions, which was not the industry norm for management consulting firms at the time.
The firm applied the general survey method of consulting analysis early on, which was unusual and ahead of its time, but is now seen as the industry standard. Kearney’s words that speak to giving correct advice and being able to influence decision makers still ring true today and are the foundation of how the firm conducts business.
Kearney is one of the top management consulting firms in the world and hires top talent from all over the world from a variety of backgrounds. The firm has a constant presence on many “Best Companies to Work For” lists as rated by top employment analysts and ranking organizations.
Kearney recruits MBA graduates very heavily from the top schools all over the world. It is assumed that you will possess outstanding communication skills, a keen business acumen and an impeccable academic record. Kearney goes beyond that and looks at the intangibles that cannot be taught in the classroom. Innate innovative qualities, the ability and desire to constantly learn and seek knowledge and the desire to improve oneself consistently and conscientiously are qualities that set candidates apart for Kearney.
Among the best possible ways to get a management Consulting Process Flow role at At Kearney is to do the hard work at a fundamental level: attend a top MBA program and land a solid internship. Kearney actively recruits at MBA programs across the globe. Recruiters estimate that over half of full-time positions come via the internship pool.
Thomas Kearney prized active community involvement. He had a philanthropist’s heart, which still permeates the company. AT Kearney interviewers will look for and value any evidence of an applicant’s participation in the community. Many of the characteristics that get people into top MBA programs are the ones that can be parlayed into a position with Kearney.
Another important consideration that top management consulting firms like Kearney evaluate is fit. All of the top management firms, such as Booz, McKinsey, BCG and Bain, have a unique corporate culture. Kearney places a premium on diversity and congeniality. Collaboration is extremely important here, as the work style involves teamwork in creating innovative approaches and solutions to clients’ most complex problems.
Kearney also has a very diverse workplace. They look to build a diverse network of associates because their clients are becoming increasingly diverse. Thomas Kearney stated from the beginning that his firm was string because everyone was different. On fact, AT Kearney was recently awarded by Consulting Magazine with an excellence in diversity award.
Management consulting at AT Kearney is also expected to be a top priority for their associates. That means any prospective candidate must be able to show they have a track record of commitment and overachievement to personal and career related projects. AT Kearney management consultants are no strangers to working 90-100 hours per week during mission critical points of a project. Kearney is very open to candidates that they can expect peaks and valleys when it comes to work hours.
Management consulting positions are firms like AT Kearney are highly prized. Candidates must doggedly pursue the opportunity as if their career depends on it. Having the right blend of passion mixed with the above characteristics will give you the best chance to land a job or internship at this outstanding management consulting firm.

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