Is Business Really A Team Sport?

In order to get you into the right mindset for this Business Survival Strategies article I ask you to visualize the following:
You are sitting in the locker room prior to the biggest game of the season with the rest of your team (hockey, basketball, volleyball, take your pick). The season has gone exceptionally well and you are preparing to face-off against your rival contender. The championship is on the line. As all of you are dressing and mentally preparing for the game the star player on your team boldly states, “Thank you all for your contributions this season. You have all been very helpful but now that we are entering the final game I can take it from here!”
You and your teammates look at each other sheepishly and ignore the statement and continue your pregame preparation. Confused, the bold player clearly announces, “Please, everyone go home. I have been the heart and soul Consultancy Competency Framework of this team from the start of the season and I intend on winning the championship game tonight on my own. Thank you all for your assistance this season but now it is my time to shine. I was born to be a star!”
Though somewhat absurd this mindset often pervades many entrepreneurial people and causes significant team issues throughout the course of a year. As many of us have been taught, there is no “I” in team, yet even many business managers don’t seem to grasp this concept on a daily basis. Business is a team sport and cannot be won by a single individual. Motivation of the entire team is required to be successful.
Many businesses are founded on the entrepreneurial and pioneer spirit, but actually require team efforts to become truly successful. In sports it is often obvious to everyone that in spite of the best player on the team there are still roles fulfilled by other team members, even if subordinate to the all-star. The majority of all successful business are based on a “team based” approach and require you as the entrepreneur to understand you are only as good as your fellow team members. Your ability as an all-star can only be reached if you truly understand how to motivate the other members of your team.

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