Is it Business Or Personal?

Decisions are inevitable and depend on a variety of variables. It has been argued that all decisions have a personal influence and thereby, regardless of how business they seem, are somewhat personal. Others believe it is not only possible but essential to separate business from personal when deciding. Of the approximate 35,000 decisions you make each day (the majority of which are relatively simple), how many are you able to detach personal from business?

In a recent conversation with a respected colleague, we were at odds as it relates to separating business from personal during the decision making process There was a prospect interested in an available position at our client’s institution, the challenging part is that the prospect would be leaving a company that we are familiar with and her immediate supervisor is a dear friend. From a strictly business perspective, it would clearly be beneficial for our client to employ this prospect and our friend should understand that this has nothing to do with our personal. On the other hand, is there an unwritten moral responsibility as to how we handle this situation or if it should be entertained at all? Our dilemma was how should we approach this event, considering:

A friend was involved- We wouldn’t want to jeopardize this relationship

The prospect’s right to privacy matters- We want Training Consultants Series 65 Login to prevent tension in their current workplace

The prospect will help our client’s team- The prospect Lions Finance Corporation is qualified and we are confident in their abilities

The business of this decision clearly points to hiring this prospect regardless of the consequences. There is an available position that she can undoubtedly fill effectively. At what point do we consider a friendship in business, or is there any place for that deliberation at all? If a personal relationship is taken into account, what elements do we assess? Is there a simultaneous balance between doing what is best for business and what is socially right? In our business and personal lives we are confronted with these scenarios frequently and most make decisions from both perspectives whether we realize it or not. My recommendation is to ‘Find Your Balance’. This is a relative concept, in that some of us can accept and support what others cannot. It would be difficult to agree on common decision making criteria by which we reach a business/personal balance so make sure you are comfortable with yours. Great Selling!

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