It’s Just Wax

Any candle consultant will tell you how much she loves candles; that she enjoys sharing great wax with others and also helping others start and grow their own candle business.
As a veteran candle consultant myself, I am still amazed at the number of people I have to remind: “There is no such thing as a wax emergency.” I’ve received frantic calls late at night and early, EARLY in the morning. The caller leaves panicked messages using the words “I have an emergency!” Ahhhh no. There is no such thing as a wax emergency.
Other team leaders from other companies will vouch for similar experiences – that wax Service Capability emergencies do not discriminate to only certain candle direct sales companies.
Candle emergency – I can also see if your house was on fire. However then you’d be dialing 911, and not your friendly Candle Leader. Even spilled wax on light colored carpeting may prompt a phone call to your upline.
However, for those who don’t have a fire or a mulberry red wax spill, let me reiterate: It-is-just-wax. Some of the calls we have received from customers and consultants have to do with orders that were not input correctly or not fulfilled according to order. Usually those emergencies come in on the weekend when, A: There’s nothing we can do about it, only corporate can handle those type of issues and B: It’s the weekend. Even corporate can’t handle it until Monday morning.
Message boards and forums are loaded with wax emergencies. “Help! I need a Lots of Lavender”; or “In Desperate Need of Skinny Dippin’!” (Sounds more like a personal problem).
I’m glad people are so passionate about wax. It’s what keeps us in business. We’re pretty fond of it too. However, there is no such thing as a wax emergency.
People: It-is-just-wax. Don’t sweat the small stuff; and it’s mostly all Legal Advice For Business Start Ups small! I think that’s where the term “relax with wax” comes from!

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