Management Consultant Technique – Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness (PMA) can make or break you in any consultant/client engagement. You have to have it turned on and on overdrive if you will, from the moment you walk into the room, office or area where you will be speaking with your client.
The challenge for the consultant is to tune into the client and tune your own stuff out for the moment. How often do you come into a client discussions Omni International Consultants with pre-set ideas and information to share about you and what you can do, what you have done, your background, education, certifications, etc?
Are you so focused on that information and your presentation of it, that you forget to focus and be present and “be” in the moment, watching and listening to what your client is telling you, both verbally and non-verbally?
Are you oblivious to their signals? Be mentally and emotionally prepared and focused on your client. Listen for and pick up on their emotions, interests, excitement, anxiety as their body language and facial expressions talk to you.
Don’t just listen to their spoken word. Watch for and observe all the non-verbal communications being sent to you. Observe the spirit of the person rather than their occupational position. Seek to find the person in the client rather than the client in the person. This is the start of a heightened sense of Present Moment Awareness.
Have a plan to make note of the client’s facial expression, handshake, and body language messages as they speak to you. Make a mental note as well as a written note to what you are seeing, hearing and sensing. Appropriately reflect and discuss the verbal and non-verbal communications in finding out more about the client’s thoughts and feelings towards your discussion topics.
This is both art and science and can absolutely make you stand out above all the other consultants. Imagine you pick up on something non-verbal that no other consultant has before. What will the client think about your abilities to get to underlying causes and issues in resolving their biggest problems and fears?
You will be the one, the obvious expert in their eyes. Tune into your PMA and you will be in the How To Get Into Consulting Without Experience best possible position to see what others are missing and be better placed to help your client.

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