Management Consulting Jobs – A Great Career

There are many great advantages to management Series 7 Live Classes jobs. They involve a lot of travel, a lot of meeting new people, and a lot of new challenges. Management consultants are highly skilled in an area of business, have great interpersonal skills, who are adventurous and want a fulfilling and lucrative career.
The management consulting field is not regressing with the current recession. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. Many companies are opting to contract out to management consulting firms to take the place of the executives and managers they are laying off. Although the hourly billing is usually higher with a consulting firm, it can be relatively cheaper than the additional employment costs of having a full time employee, for example providing health insurance, dental insurance and vacation days. On top of that, using consulting firms reduce the cost of overall human resources infrastructure. Additionally, management consulting firms are more merit-based and usually provide a better historical track record than individual employees in a given area. If a consulting firm isn’t performing, they can easily go on to the next one. If an employee in the same area is not performing well, as the movie Up In The Air shows, it can be a lot more difficult and costly to fire or lay off an employee than to fire a consulting firm.
Working for a management consulting firm can be very exciting and refreshing, especially for those who have worked in a traditional employment setting. In addition to the opportunity to make a lot of money in management consulting jobs, they have a lot of perks that normal traditional jobs do not have. Traveling is one of these fun components to this type of job. In Up In The Air George Clooney plays a character who travels extensively as a management consultant that flies around the country to fire people on behalf of companies. Some consultants travel so much that they spend more time on the road or in the air and in a different city than they do at home. Additionally, some consultants don’t even have a home. They travel so much that it’s unnecessary. They just live in hotel rooms out of their suite cases.
Management How To Succeed In Management Consulting jobs are also good for those who get bored easily. If you’ve never been able to hold down a job for more than a year, not because you don’t perform well or because you constantly show up late to work, but because you get so bored you have to get out of there, then management consulting might be for you. Most consulting contracts never last longer than 2 years and consulting engagements can be as little as a couple of hours of offering advice. You are constantly doing new things, in new places, with new people.

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