More Firms Apply Systems Thinking

An increasing number of companies are applying systems thinking theory to their organisation in order to improve customer service.
With the Financial Ombudsman ordering firms to compensate their customers because of substandard levels of service, Management Consultant Salary Pwc more businesses in the finance industry are looking into new ways to keep their consumers satisfied.
One of the big five high street banks recently benefited from applying systems thinking as it used the theory to resolve previous issues with its customer service and mortgage lending departments.
The bank was guilty of focusing too much on performance related targets as it attempted to become one the largest lending institutions in the country instead of concentrating on the needs of its customers.
This misguided focus resulted in the bank providing too many mortgages because they were obsessed with hitting targets rather than offering the best possible levels of service.
By over-lending, the bank realised that their mortgage lending process was incredibly inefficient as the time it typically took to complete an application dramatically increased over the period of a year.
This inefficiency resulted in the bank losing more and more customers as they were frustrated with the length Consulting Techniques of the process and started to withdraw their applications, which ultimately lead to a drop in profits.
A growing number of customers were flooding the bank’s contact centre with calls regarding the progress of their applications which put the consumer-facing employees under intense pressure.
The bank’s contact centre workers were unable to deal with the enquiries in an efficient manner because they were too focused on how to manage the abandonment rate of calls instead of meeting the needs of the customers.
Once the bank realised that action had to be taken to readdress the ineffective processes that it had in place, it employed the services of a performance improvement consulting firm to apply systems thinking to their organisation.
Using the theory enabled the bank to view their organisation from a customer’s perspective and see the business as a whole system instead of just different departments.
Focusing on the needs of customers instead of concentrating on targets lead the bank to redesign a number of their processes which resulted in a radical upturn in their fortunes in just a couple of months.
If you want your organisation to improve customer service and benefit from increased consumer loyalty then you contact performance improvement consulting experts as they will have the expertise to apply systems thinking effectively.

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