My Baby Sling Journey

As a primary school teacher, most evenings and weekends were taken up with preparing for lessons or up-coming school events. No matter how much effort I put in, there was always something else to do. When I became pregnant with our first child, I was worried that I would not have the time to care for him in the way I wanted to. After maternity leave I went back to my job determined to make it work. However, after six months, I began to resent the long hours expected of How To Offer Consulting Services me by my employers. I did not know it at the time, but, like the effect of the motion of waves on rocks, the constant pressure, long hours and sleep deprivation slowly but steadily wore away my resilience and undermined my confidence. My passion had cooled and I knew I no longer wanted to be a teacher. My dilemma was obvious: I needed to find a new career that would re-build my self-esteem, give me a sufficient income and allow me to spend more time raising my family.
Unlike most journeys, the starting point of a personal journey can be hard to establish. Only by looking back do I realise that mine started with the simplest every day occurrence: a gift. I was given a basic baby carrier. As I was expecting my first son, I thought ‘great’ and ticked it off my list as another thing sorted. However, we only ended up using it a few times as it was fiddly to use and uncomfortable. My son, Edward, used to just hang in it and I felt it was not very supportive. Despite this, I had been introduced to babywearing and wanted to learn more.
When my second son, William, came along I was determined to find a better carrier. Luckily, the local health centre had some Moby Wraps for new mums to borrow. Both William and I loved it. He was nurtured and content whilst I was able to get on with the household chores. I could feed him and entertain Edward all at the same time. I was truly hands free. I liked it so much I ended up buying two! I couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to carry World Health Organization Consultant Rates William whilst one was in the wash. My husband, seeing how passionate I was about slings, suggested becoming a sling retailer. I was inspired! Things moved very quickly and before long we had suppliers, marketing material, a website and loads of lovely slings. I was in heaven! A tiny income stream was established and the constant positive feedback from customers gave my self-esteem a much needed boost. Then I discovered I was pregnant again!
Henry was in the Moby Wrap from day one for skin to skin bonding and to help regulate his temperature. His grandparents weren’t happy that the huge double buggy they bought was hardly used (it is now sold). Henry has benefited from being nurtured in a wide range of carriers, giving him the safety and closeness to develop into a happy and contented baby. By carrying my children close to me, I have developed my natural parenting instincts and overall confidence as a mother. The business was doing well, too, but I was not satisfied simply being a retailer; the teacher in me was not quite dead, and, having seen what baby wearing had done for my children, I was keen to pass on this knowledge to other parents. Sensing this, my husband suggested I train as a sling consultant. I opted for Trageschule training as they are the oldest established providers and their teaching style suited my learning style. I have attended workshops with plenty of practice (and homework!) and have qualified as an advanced consultant. I now feel as if my company is more than just a niche retailer, it has a really valuable offer for carers seeking the right baby carrier for their situation.
For a long time I was searching for a way to change my situation, my experience has taught me to look for solutions in my immediate environment, to tune in to the signals I create as I go through life. My journey started with a gift. I now run a business I love, I have regained my confidence through learning new skills and gaining qualifications and I spend more time with my family. My dilemma now? Which sling to wear, of course.

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