New Life Coaches – Uncovered – Free Publicity at Independent Community Radio Stations

For new coach’s getting free publicity can mean reaching thousands of prospects at no cost to you. There are literally hundreds of community radio stations across the nation that offer an easy to enter low cost entry into a new local market.
Now how can a life coach, or a business consultant benefit from contacting these stations?
First, they need information to fill there time slots and because of that you will find them very receptive to having guests. This will be great experience that you can use to prepare yourself for the larger markets, and media outlets. You can also begin to make contacts in the media and marketing world. As many famous announcers started somewhere, all of them started in small stations dotted across the nation.
Now on any local radio there is the left and the right hand of the dial, all of the local non-commercial stations can be found between frequencies 87 and 92 m Hz. These are reserved for educational , community and non-commercial use.
You can find the web’s most comprehensive and detailed listing of non-commercial radio stations at . Just click on the state or province abbreviation for a shortcut, or view listings for stations outside North America.
For example here is a sample listing Aon Consulting Indonesia stations in Illinois;
– Bloomington, WESN, 88.1 FM. Illinois Wesleyan University. Student-run, “stuff you won’t hear anywhere else.” Eclectic/alternative
– Carbondale, WSIU, 91.9 FM. Southern Illinois University.
– Charleston, WEIU, 88.9 FM. Eastern Illinois University.
– Chicago, The Low End: A web page focusing on non-commercial radio in the Chicago area
These stations each have an agenda, they each have a market that they are trying to serve and before you contact them it would behoove you to become familiar with that agenda. Now as a guest speaker in a college town a life coach could easily offer to talk about a subject called “Shortcuts To College Homework That Leaves More Time For Partying”. Business coach’s could offer to speak about some subject that talks to the audience their station serves.
What ever you do talk about just remember that you want to come off as someone offering genuine Roles In A Consulting Team helpful advice and not someone trying to sell something that will get asked to come back.
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