Offline Business Consulting – The Current Best Among Free Work From Home Jobs

Offline business consulting is currently the newest business idea that’s causing quite an excitement among internet marketers. Consider this: if you are already proficient in internet marketing, that means you have already learned a valuable set of skills while growing your business. You don’t need to go very far to search for other free work from home jobs; you only need to look at yourself. Take into account the skills that you have learned while growing your own business.
Haven’t you learned to design your own website? What about your experience in article writing and press releases? Or in lead generation and email campaigns? These skills and many more are the very ones that Mckinsey & Company Consulting Firms you can offer to offline businesses to take their business online. Statistics say that about 50% of offline businesses have no online presence. This is a large market and a very lucrative opportunity.
Small businesses who want to get themselves online either have no idea about designing their own website or have a very small budget for this. Some businesses may already have their own website but it is not keyword optimized. Therefore a search for the products or service they sell may show up on Gifts For Management Consultants Google, but they may be on the 15th page. We all know that only those search results on the first page of Google or Yahoo usually get the traffic. By offering to fix their website or creating a keyword optimized website, you are opening up another avenue of income for yourself as a consultant.
You may already be writing articles online which pay you from $5 – $12 per article, but article writing for offline businesses pay more, sometimes even as much as $25 per article. This may seem like it’s too much for you, if you’re used to being paid a pittance. But for these small businesses, they know that having a professional article writer who can write good quality, keyword-optimized articles will give them a handsome return for the cost.
Your expertise in lead generation and email campaigns can be put to good use for offline businesses. The purpose of having a website is making a profit. Before a business can profit, they need the leads. Again, this is another area or service that you can provide an offline business. Running email campaigns is most likely a second-nature to an internet marketer, but offline businesses don’t know the first thing about running a successful email campaign. Again, this is another viable income source for your business.
Creating a blog for an offline business can also be very profitable for you. Blogs assure customers that there is a person behind the website. It’s a venue to communicate with the target market. Blogs are very effective in promoting new products and informing the public of future sales.
These are only a few ideas and suggestions on how to use your skills as an internet marketer and turn it into more profit. If you can start out with these, there will be no more need for you to keep on searching online for free work from home jobs.

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