People Buy Simplicity, and That Can Work For Selling, Consulting, Or Coaching Services

A recent story in USA Today explained how simplicity sells be it Campbell, Kraft or Starbucks. By focusing on less is more, these businesses are outselling Consulting Techniques their competitors. This information came from Mintel who tracked the decreases in the average number of ingredients from dairy products to pet foods.
What is driving this change of customer behavior is the desire to know what is not in the food. With the scares about additives in processed foods, consumers are seeking simpler foods and those businesses smart enough to be ahead of this flow are reaping the benefits.
So if you are a business consultant or an executive coach or a combination thereof, how can you benefit from this buying trend?
First look to your current offerings. How can you make what you do more simple? What this may mean is to offer phases What Does A Consultant Do At Deloitte by breaking your large project into smaller bites? Each phase could be just one solution such as assessments.
Another way to look at this new buying trend is to consider putting together a 3 to 5 step process. Again keeping it simple is the key.
Maybe in the past you provided a lot of tools from trade books to an actual training program. What would happen if you took out what the clients truly did not need and give them what they actually need to meet their current challenges. By taking this action, you reduce your price and potentially increase your profits.
Of course your marketing messages should reinforce the simplicity of what you do. People know when they eat Campbell’s. Chicken and Noodle soup they are getting broth, chicken and noodles. A recent Campbell’s television commercial showed a young boy slurping a noodle, all 32′ feet that is in every can of soup. Again simplicity ruled.
Those business consultants and executive coaches who embrace this sales trend of simplicity now will see their bottom line increase in the future. Again, sales sustainability is far more about being ahead of the flow than going with the flow.

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