Policy And Procedures

When you are dealing with a large amount of employees, policies and procedures are very important. If your management or employees are not following all the policies according to the procedure laid out in the employee handbook, it can cause conflict, or depending on the job, be unsafe or sanitary. When this happens, it can be more detrimental than you might imagine. If not following procedure happens in a restaurant setting, Important Clauses In Consulting Agreement they could get shut down by the health board, lose their franchise license or your business license which means you would never be able to own a business in Australia again. As you can see, there is a lot to lose by not following procedure and policies. They are put in place as a precaution, not to be an annoyance or a suggestion. Here are just a few more reasons that following policy and procedure are so important.
In a recent study, it was stated that 65% of all employees feel a strained relationship with one another due to lack of procedure or someone not following policy. Because of this, it causes stress amongst employees and employees and managers. This is mainly because things aren’t being Why I Quit Consulting done consistently all the time. When there is a lack of consistency, there is a lack of employee morale as well because little arguments can arise due to the inconsistency of training or because someone is just not listening. This can also be dangerous depending on your work setting.
Accidents are the number one result of lack of policy. If there is no policy that states how a piece of equipment is supposed to work or the way that something should be done, people can easily get hurt. Many will think that their way is the best way to do something when in fact it probably isn’t and can cause harm to the piece of machinery or the person operating it. This is especially true of chemicals and heavy equipment such as construction equipment or welding machinery.
When there is a lack of procedure on how to use these items there is also a lack of policy because you cannot sanction or discipline someone for something that you did not give a proper way to use the equipment. This creates a huge problem because nothing can really be done because there was no planning ahead o time to prepare for these things.
A lack of policy and procedures is also a sign of poor management. When you have several people working under you, making sure that everyone learns things the same way as well as having a policy that states disciplinary actions if procedures are not followed is hugely important. This avoids conflict due to dangerous handling of items or products as well as employee favoritism. Each employee should be treated the same regardless of their position with the company. Giving exceptions for one means you have to do it for all. This practice can easily lead to trouble for management, therefore, it is best to avoid it all together.

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