Risk Taking – Does It Lead To Small Business Success?

Successful entrepreneurs typically possess a few common character traits. Risk aversion tends to not be one of them. That doesn’t necessarily mean that taking needless risks will ultimately lead to successful outcomes. On the contrary, most successful business Service Strategies Corporation owners are able to weigh the risks against the benefits efficiently and formulate successful strategies based on this analysis. The better the ability to quickly assess risks and make a confident decision the more likely the outcome for success.
Mediocre entrepreneurs often settle into a comfort zone and begin to soften the edge that got them started in business on their own. As a small amount of momentum and success begins to grow the average business owner will begin to back off the throttle. Sales calls will become fewer and farther in-between. Often new products begin to be released less frequently and many innovative ideas are actually squashed before they even get an opportunity to begin to grow.
Seduced By The Comfort Zone
Instinct has us all searching for comfort in many areas of our life. A warm bed, food on the table, shelter, excess spending money; as you begin to regularly experience comfort in all areas of your life you may begin to lose your competitive edge. Let’s face it, growth occurs most effectively when you are forced outside your normal operating parameters. In order to continue to build momentum and keep progressing personally and professionally you must take yourself out of what is normal and comfortable and continually push the envelope.
As you continue to operate outside your normal parameters you will be forced to acquire new skills and learning, which will in turn often lead to more effective results. The only way to consistently improve is through constant process of change.
Being Open to New Opportunities.A�
Change and growth can be scary and uncomfortable if you chose that perspective. Instead look to the positive side of new opportunities. Opportunities outside your normal realm of operation often lead to new skills, relationships, products, and services. These in turn lead to an expanded business and product line which eventually lead to bigger and better profits.
Search out new areas in business that will push you and your team to develop skills and traits that you currently haven’t mastered. This will increase the inherent value each of you brings to the market. If positioned correctly these new skills will place you as the expert in your field and allow you to quickly outperform the competition.
Don’t allow fear to immobilize you and consume your ability to grow and expand. Change is frightening and may place you in an unknown place often perceived as “dangerous”. Begin to trust that change is actually beneficial and productive and you will find it to be so.
Manage Fear Effectively
Fear can be an effective motivator. The choice is up to you on whether you will allow fear to motivate you in a positive or negative fashion. Face your fears head on and ask yourself “What is the worst thing that can happen here?” Often times you will find that worst case scenarios really aren’t that bad. Rationalize what the worst case outcome of an event will be and compare that to the contrary, or best case scenario. If the latter excites you more than the worst case outcome you can be confident knowing you are headed in the right direction. Knowing you can handle the worst case scenario makes it much easier to deal with uncertainty in any situation. You already know what the worst is that can happen, so why not try to see if you can accomplish what’s at the other end of the spectrum.
Risk Taking Accenture Strategy Job Description Rewards
So what ultimately is the reward of risk taking? Momentum, unstoppable growth,,elite status in the market, and the ability to continually expand and move forward in spite of any situation. Calculated risk taking is what will set you apart from the rest of your competition. Remember, most people are striving to strictly remain comfortable; anything outside of that realm will prove to be stressful and will serve as a de-motivating factor.
Understand that risk aversion is normal for most people and is ultimately what limits the masses from ever reaching their true potential. In order to excel and experience the true freedom that mega success yields is to take yourself outside the normal operating zone of everyone around you and begin to operate in an environment that is uncomfortable. Find the positive in the discomfort knowing that you are evolving, expanding, and growing, and ultimately you will develop a mindset enabling you to outperform all others.

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