Sales Training Consulting to Become a Trusted Advisor

What sales consultant would not want to be a trusted advisor? If you did attain this status your customers would act on your recommendations, refer you to their database, and turn to you as a first line of defense to solve problems and to improve the quality of their businesses.
So, what does it take to become a trusted advisor? Well, you must find a way to earn trust. Trust is having confidence or faith in someone. This generally means that they are willing to open up to you and share their issues with you, and then ask you what you think. It is the hallmark of sales training Consultant Jobs. So, how do you earn business trust?
Trust is not instant; it is something that is earned. Fortunately, you can severely shorten the time from just meeting someone, to trusted advisor, but to do that, you should be prepared for a totally different approach. That new approach will include some changes in your thinking — The way that you think about yourself and your actual role. This would be a new way to approach your suspects and/or prospects. You will need to increase the personal value you offer in order to enhance your income. You need to be able to create a value-added relationship centered on the prospect’s business.
At the center of being a trusted advisor is your focus on the other person. This is demonstrated by being an attentive listener. Simple rapport-building Consultancy Fees Uk techniques, such as looking for commonalities or acknowledging the individual’s way of thinking can be expanded to the business arena.
You do not want to be a trusted advisor for a suspect’s personal issue, but you do want to be a trusted advisor for their business issues. All of us wear many different hats, and keeping business and personal separate can be important in industry. If you are making your calls because you want business, some personal side notes are needed, but the emphasis should be adding a value-added relationship regarding business.
Do not prescribe solutions to quickly. If you are listening intently, ask lots of salient questions centered on that area. Your questions will demonstrate that you understand their business and that you have done your homework. This will cause your suspect/prospect to analyze past, and current constraints, and then view a future without those constraints.
Empathy for your prospect’s situation is a priority, so when advice is given chose your words wisely and delivers them with respect. As a trusted advisor you are helping to guide the decision making process, by helping the prospect to understand the options and their consequences. When clients see that you have their best interests at heart and that your focus is on helping them to solve problems, they will see you as a values-added relationship – a trusted advisor.

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