Scentsy: Lessons From Network Marketing Newbies In the Beginning – What Next?

We kept up our website and we started to see a trend. As our sales came in so were the costs of advertising. Like I said, we are numbers and results people. The costs of advertising Consulting Partner Salary should go down because you have history on your website… that was not the case! We had to do something to reduce our expenses for web advertising. But how???
Everyone who was buying Scentsy was searching for the word Scentsy alone. That’s the problem with the web. There was too much competition. All the search engines had their pick of advertisers and businesses. There are so many who are more willing that you to pour money into their advertisement. Let’s face, our advertising budget was zero!
We had to think quickly as we were losing sales and the advertising costs were still incurring daily. We had some sleepless nights. We needed some sleep and to make some changes to our web marketing approach.
We started with studying our site and why our customers buy from us. We started seeing trends why they would click on our site. For some people, they just wanted to buy. For some, they just wanted to browse. We needed to get them to the correct pages. We decided to expand our ad to point people to the correct pages when they click on our ad links. This worked for a little bit but still costing us BIG money!
We researched and found out about analytical data. Basically, where you traffic or visitors are coming from and what they are page are they looking at. The bad news about this was the fact that we didn’t have General Consultant Job Description enough data yet because we were too new. We had to rely on the sales only. And we can not rely on the any data yet because it had only been less than one here we were waiting on data to be generated…
Lesson learned from this…advertising on the web can be challenge…however, it will be rewarding once you take a step back and see the big picture. The big picture is this: there is always room for one more company, one more business, one more Scentsy consultant. You just need focus on a different target audience or ad or niche within your Scentsy business. The web is a fast moving creature. Remember to review your marketing plan constantly! “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” – Peter F. Drucker

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