Selling With Authority

As a consultant you need to be able to convince your customers and potential customers, of your ability to help them. No matter how skilled you are it is their perception of you and what you can do that will most influence their decision to buy your services.
Dr Robert B Cialdini has carried out massive research into the psychology of persuasion and one of the areas he that makes much of is how people respond to authority, or the perception of authority.
When presented with an authority figure most people will respond positively to any request from that figure, sometimes doing things that they would not normally dream of doing of their own volition.
Imagine then that you can become an authority figure for your customers and potential customers.
If you are an authority figure and you suggest that they buy your services or products then they are much more likely to do so. It’s just the way the human mind is wired to work. In fact, if you are perceived as an authority then it is likely that they will seek you out.
So how can you become an authority figure?
People also respect knowledge and expertise, and will often delegate authority to the person they believe has the most knowledge in a given area. If you can present yourself as an expert then that will increase the perception that you are in a position of authority.
How can you create the perception of knowledge and expertise?
Here are 5 ways
Write a book.
You don’t have to get it published and for sale on the high street. You How To Be A Better Management Consultant can write an e book and sell it (or give it away) on the internet
Write articles
Articles published on article marketing sites can be easy for your potential customers to find but also consider writing and submitting articles to magazines and publications that are relevant to your target market
Run a seminar
Set up a free seminar and invite your potential customers to come along. Everyone that registers becomes a lead for your business. By standing on stage and presenting your solutions you will also be seen as an authority figure.
Speak at seminars
Offer your services (with an interesting topic) at someone else’s seminar. This has the advantage that you don’t have the How To Start A Software Consulting Company costs of setting up and advertising your own seminar but means you will be sharing the limelight with other people.
Use testimonials
If you have customers that are happy with your work and are impressed with your abilities then get them to give you testimonials that are focused on showing your expertise and authority. Use these in you marketing communications, sales letters, brochures etc.

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